The Dancing Puppet.


As she appeared, on the stage, she gave a bow in modest. Her hands were limp, her knees were bent, she almost looked ragged. She then began, with a smile on her face, to carry out her performance. (a smile which never left, we all felt it couldn’t.)

She danced in the pretty dress that she wore, and it swirled round and round, never touching the ground for sure. She then waved her arms over her head, and rose above the floor – which then led to her biggest move, dropping her down, like a ballerina in a frown.

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Hero/Heroine – Ballad, anaphora and epistrophe


Have you ever looked in a mirror?

Have you ever yourself seen?

Have you ever believed?

That you are all the hero that you need.

If you make angels out of people

If you make them a hero that you see

How will you make yourself believe

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The Fog.

While the fog engulfed all the innocence that it touchedimages (1)

I sat here and waited for harmony to come.

I saw them plead for justice, a justice that would never come.

for who could ever reverse what was done?

They asked, they begged, they cried and prayed

for someone to just hear, to lift that fog away.

For you, just another news for the day

But for them, their whole world was torn away.

The sound of little feet, pitter patter

The sound of a child saying “I am hungry mother.”

They still wait for this sound to come after mid day.

A young man smiling, at his mother

heading for school, for the day, and, forever

Its all gone now, they have snatched it away.

the fog that settled down, a fog that will forever stay.

In the memory of the 133 innocent children and staff massacred in the Peshawar School attack by terrorists on December 16, 2014.

The day humanity saw hell on Earth.

Enjambment and Concrete – Animal – I want a pet Hamster.

Please read the text below instead of paining yourselves over the picture ahaha .__.

how i wish,

to have you home,

little rodent,

with a head shaped like a dome.

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NCL Hands Almost Touching

Poem 1: Trust –


Saw you cry, a few

Nights ago

Oh, my love,

Why did you not tell me before?

For I promised, to always be there.

Let me prove myself with

A trust, I plead. A

Knot I’ll tie, a promise I’ll keep, because I am

Eternally, yours.

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Limerick – Journey

How long did she wait?66c496df4858bbae1be82e5da3bfc182

knowing she wasn’t late.

Bracing her heart

with all her thoughts

she stood up and walked away

Note to self:

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Haiku – Water.

The Rain Room Is Unveiled At The Curve Inside The Barbican Centre

You see calm tides,

but the heart’s filled with a storm,

to blow away with it all.

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