When images have more life in them

It's been a long time since I last googled for the most random-est picture. But this time, in my mind, travel kept on ringing. Along with the words "beautiful". And then came Japan. Because that is the first country I fell in love with. Pink, blue, white - all those beautiful color contrasts that your brain … Continue reading When images have more life in them


Pic’n’Post – Bubbles and Water Dragon

The Fiction:  While walking around the park one calm, sunny morning, I noticed these bubbles that had appeared out of nowhere. I turned around and saw a tiny dragon like creature, with watery scales and a watery flow, not more than two fingers long, blowing bubbles out of a pipe while resting his back on this … Continue reading Pic’n’Post – Bubbles and Water Dragon

Show Your World – Global Village

Show Your World is a blog event hosted by Tiny Expats. The place that I have chosen for this week is Global Village- an annual festival that takes place in Dubai, hosting many countries of the world. You might ask "Hosting the countries of the world?". Well, in a sense. You see, here at Global … Continue reading Show Your World – Global Village

Incomplete Shenanigans (no. 1) – My Idea of Venice

My completely incomplete shenanigans. That is what I have thought to keep a page about. As I have mentioned before, I love art. I would draw out the world if I weren't too conscious of messing it up. And whatever projects I have started from my initial art years (there was not much initial-ity actually; … Continue reading Incomplete Shenanigans (no. 1) – My Idea of Venice