When images have more life in them

It’s been a long time since I last googled for the most random-est picture. But this time, in my mind, travel kept on ringing. Along with the words “beautiful”. And then came Japan. Because that is the first country I fell in love with.


Pink, blue, white – all those beautiful color contrasts that your brain can never identify but can always interpret. Then the background, the scenery, and the man-made architecture, and then the natural architecture, and the setting and then —
the whole picture.

And just imagine, for just one tiny minor half-a-second your existence in it.

I know I know, pro pics on google are usually Photoshopped, or have filters, or the lightening effect on them to make them prettier and more attractive.
But in that tiny minor half-a-second, you can feel plain serenity, miles away.

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Maybe I yearn a visit to Japan so much that I have made a post about this. Other than that, I do realize such posts are of not much significance – it’s not something motivational, just a literal “wishful thought.”

But hey! the pictures are cool enough too! 😀

Image Courtesy: Google Images (as always)


Pic’n’Post – Bubbles and Water Dragon


The Fiction: 

While walking around the park one calm, sunny morning, I noticed these bubbles that had appeared out of nowhere. I turned around and saw a tiny dragon like creature, with watery scales and a watery flow, not more than two fingers long, blowing bubbles out of a pipe while resting his back on this grey fence. I was shocked to see – not just the dragon but the whole site! I stumbled into my bag, took my phone out as fast as I could to snap a photo – just to see the dragon run off! I managed to take a picture of these bubbles – but who would now believe that it was a dragon blowing bubbles out of a pipe?

The Fact:

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Show Your World – Global Village

Show Your World is a blog event hosted by Tiny Expats. The place that I have chosen for this week is Global Village- an annual festival that takes place in Dubai, hosting many countries of the world.

You might ask “Hosting the countries of the world?”. Well, in a sense. You see, here at Global Village, an area, or in local terms, a pavilion is dedicated to a certain country. You can visit those pavilions and feel an essence of that country, as if you were visiting it! The culture, tradition and miscellaneous items of trade in the form of bazaars – it almost feels like you are actually visiting the place. These pavilions may even host music or dance performances that exhibit their traditions.

I feel connected to this place not because I have been visiting it since I can remember, but because I feel just that one step closer to my world travel dream. You can visit the essence of those countries, smell their air in and see it from the perspective as if you were actually there.

Some images from  previous visit:

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Incomplete Shenanigans (no. 1) – My Idea of Venice

My completely incomplete shenanigans. That is what I have thought to keep a page about. As I have mentioned before, I love art. I would draw out the world if I weren’t too conscious of messing it up. And whatever projects I have started from my initial art years (there was not much initial-ity actually; I just drew, my hands moved on their own), I have decided to have them uploaded here, instead of me forcing them to join their fellow comrades in the oblivion of the recycle bin or the materialistic trash can (the real bin, you know)

So for the first incomplete art piece, I present to you *curtain lifts, heart beat increases, goose bumps felt and of course drum roollll*

My idea of Venice (when I must have been 15/16 years old) 20150120_214555

For this “project” I used a pencil, eraser, plain water colors, and no reference for a picture. I had (and still have) not much of a good eye for the shading and light effects, so all I did was use my imagination, of how, if ever, I visited Venice, I would find it at night (of course there would be more people, and colors, a moon and the buildings would be complete).

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