This is how it works.

When you are on the verge of giving up, think why you started. 

I have never been motivational or inspirational, but I do know that getting up your lazy bum does make the work happen.

Whether you list it down and shoot it off one by one (by actually doing the thing), magic happens.Whether you unintentionally get it done OR do it just to get it over with it – that is how it works.

Yes, I agree. The most honest, honorable and modest thing to do for that “work” would be to give it your all. Do it with your heart, give a 100% and follow the instructions step by step- but let me ask you. Where is the time?

Maybe I am not good at managing my time (?) – well clearly, I have been away for months. But I was utilising the time into other things. Now that is where I ask, “Where is the time to give a 100% to everything you do?”

This does sound vague and really ironic. But hey, life has actually, always, come with a “give me 101% deal with just the 15% of you.”

Example: A storyline based battle video game. Now, gamers must have noticed how they change a weapon just by clicking the other weapon and voila! Magically, the old weapon turns into a new one with the blink of an eye. (Thank you programming and coding)

Now assume a real life situation. You are in battle (the historical one). You want to change your weapon maybe because it’s rusty. Nope you can’t click it away. So you reach into your storage sack (assuming it is large enough to hold a body), fumble in it until you find a good sword or whatever, keep the old one back, look ahead to face your enemy, only to find you head cracked because you aren’t a game character who can lick it away! Well, bohoo. And guess what? You get only one life here


Well, unless of course, luck and faith and prayers and your own speed, agility and time management had been with you. These all make up, let’s say 85% (just saying; lets assume it as the con) of you. And the rest? Adding the rest, makes it up for the 100%, don’t it?

Well, as lazy I am, and tired of this continuous life I fail to do something about (I try, I fail: that is life), I have written this piece and am really open to criticism. Yes, help me. Help me think, wonder, get the right answer beyond my thinking (that is, if this post made any sense at all)






When you’re gone…

When you’re gone,

I weep not.

I pray not, I miss you not.

When you’re gone,

the time stops.

I take its hand, and make it move on with me.

When you’re gone,

when you’re gone, when you’re gone….

Just another one of my fail, untimely poetry.

What I wanted to post here was nothing but another one of my depressing excuse of why I have not been active. But then I thought, handling real life and being active can definitely go on hand in hand, but not by a disorganised human like me. But then again, here I am – I can’t give up. I can’t seem to give up.

And what is it that I would be giving up in actuality?

I have a few posts, a little bit of “roots”of blogging here. A bit of my mind for 8-  no, 5 months approx. What I have here is my thoughts that I would a billion times think before sharing on facebook. What I have here is appreciation, advice – everything I seek in humans when offline.

Rantings and rantings and I’ll never stop.

But I like that. Rantings. Discussion. Ideas. Brain Storming. Thinking out of the box. Everything about everything.

I tried crocheting a few days ago. The most basic and beginners “braid” stitch I’d call it. I tried to make a round mat. But as I started to sew it, It turned into a bowl! Yes readers, a bowl. I didn’t give up – yet. But I gues this counts as learning (never stitch a crochet tightly – you’ll get a bowl instead of a flat mat)

Au Revoir until next time!


P.S – If it were you, anyone who’s reading this, what story would you come up with a title “An Innocent Criminal”?

On Truth.


– that is what I googled. And it replied “the quality or state of being true.

And my opinion is: Truth is the utmost reality. It is the very foundation of existence and the possibility of a certain ‘thing’ or ‘situation’ to exist.

Whether it is related to studies, a mystery, finding an answer to an unsolvable question, The reason behind any certain “point” or “situation” or “answer” we seek is actually the “Truth”. I find Truth the most under rated phenomenon; the finding of truth and it’s value. What really amazes me is the value of this ‘truth’.

You see, I consider “Truth” as being a treasure. As I have observed and realized how one must go through what number of challenges or obstacles to reach to a certain point in order to understand what is actually going on in life. And to reach nothing but what? The Truth. And I have also observed it is so not so easily found.

In reality, any kind of truth we seek, we must face many different aspects to reach to it. Normally it would be right there in front of us; in different scenarios, we are required to find it. And who says that it would be sitting there with a label saying “I am the pure truth you seek, human”? In fact, we must especially be cautious of such “Truth”. You may never know how this “Truth” could have been be filtered through time and lies of the envious, the greedy, the selfish or the corrupt that do not want the actual matter to be known. That is why I find the Truth a most valuable phenomenon.

It’s a beauty that can never be bought (you may pay but the value of it is more than money), it can only be found and it is that has happened and cannot be changed.

Interested readers can follow up on this article I found on google – on the same result page as the definition of “WHAT IS TRUTH”

I’ll be honest – I did not read all of it, just some bullet points and the beginning of the article. It seems an interesting read, and I shall read when I have time.

DISCLAIMER – What you find in the blog post is my opinion. It has nothing to do with any real life situation –  rather it only has a connection to it’s title. I have written it only because the “Value of Truth” had been bothering me for a long time and I wanted to share it here. Hope It was a good read! 🙂

Not long gone…

images (1)

Annnnd! Here’s to summer!

Hello friends!

Here I am, after a month….!


and here, I have been sitting for at least 5 minutes trying to think of something exceptional to say. And well. I have nothing but my normal rantings of how I missed blogging – literally.

I would sit in the bus imagining up stories, thinking of the events I promised to keep up with during my Blogging 101 time, my “Quotespirational Thursdays” that became “Quotespirational No-Days”, coming up with good sentences to write about random things that always happen to me. But as soon as I came home, I would be dead on my bed – hey that rhymed! – and some days I would sleep without dinner and even prayers.

I mean – me, sleep without dinner! I normally have something or the other to eat for “dinner”, as food is my first love and a blessing that comes without asking.

To be very honest, the work load is quite average, the timings for my job aren’t bad at all. I have never stretched the work hours and like any other office, we have a 1 hour break. But I believe I am being very lazy, and taking it up on my head and comparing it with my school and college life. (Omg grow up annie..! )
Anyways. I believe I am here yet again because of reading.Yes – my reading days have started again! I have ordered some books which I have been stalking since last year on And I bought them on a brim – my brain for hungry for a good story and words.

The gears in my brain are working normal again I guess .

The way these “books” and words keep one alive without them having to physically live the whole story is amazing. True, you live it mentally, experience and see and hear and smell and touch it all in your head, but you just sit in one place and live it there. You dwell on a certain character or a certain situation, all of it being interpreted by the way your brain perceives it – no matter how or what the author intended,it becomes your tale in the end.

And that is what I love about these thing called books. Simple, yet so elegant.

Well yes, now that I have reconfirmed my love for books, I shall go back to hope and trust my future self to continue blogging. I don’t want to miss it any more.

Thank you for reaching up till here!

And if you skipped and reached here, well, thank you for reading this sentence (?)


Quotespirational Thursdays


Happy Thursday and have an inspiring day! 😀

Nothing makes sense

Have you ever noticed, when you read and re read a word more than 5 or 6 times, it looses its meaning? For that certain moment (and this is a cliche sentence) you question its existence -why do those the words exist? That, say, for example, “quote” -why q-u-o-t-e is written in that way? Where does its meaning derive from? Then, your eyes begin to separate the “q” from the “u” and the “o” and “t” and “e”.

Its just this very thought and observation that makes me question not just these words or sentences, or pages books and novels – when I expand this thought to people, nature, places – the whole world, it doesn’t make sense to me in the same way as it does for words.

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Quotespirational Thursdays

bird-flying-from-cage1by Saint Guru Nanak 

I came across this quote through Hargun’s blog.

This quote is the most basic foundation of a human’s self conscious. A person who cannot command over his heart or feelings can never have command (in a good way) over others.

Unless a person figures themselves out, how can they figure other things around him/her? Life is a journey, true, but in every step in the journey, a person knows more about themselves than that around him.

Thank you for reading 🙂