Making the words dance


In a distance,

where the sky meets the earth, his beloved.

The only shadow

that dares divide them; the horizon.

Stretches on forever.

But, they meet

not in secret

When the light darkens

and the dark lightens,

For they are forever

meant to be together, completing each other

Making a full circle,

As long lasting as time,

And so much as one longs for the other.


Not long gone…

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Annnnd! Here’s to summer!

Hello friends!

Here I am, after a month….!


and here, I have been sitting for at least 5 minutes trying to think of something exceptional to say. And well. I have nothing but my normal rantings of how I missed blogging – literally.

I would sit in the bus imagining up stories, thinking of the events I promised to keep up with during my Blogging 101 time, my “Quotespirational Thursdays” that became “Quotespirational No-Days”, coming up with good sentences to write about random things that always happen to me. But as soon as I came home, I would be dead on my bed – hey that rhymed! – and some days I would sleep without dinner and even prayers.

I mean – me, sleep without dinner! I normally have something or the other to eat for “dinner”, as food is my first love and a blessing that comes without asking.

To be very honest, the work load is quite average, the timings for my job aren’t bad at all. I have never stretched the work hours and like any other office, we have a 1 hour break. But I believe I am being very lazy, and taking it up on my head and comparing it with my school and college life. (Omg grow up annie..! )
Anyways. I believe I am here yet again because of reading.Yes – my reading days have started again! I have ordered some books which I have been stalking since last year on And I bought them on a brim – my brain for hungry for a good story and words.

The gears in my brain are working normal again I guess .

The way these “books” and words keep one alive without them having to physically live the whole story is amazing. True, you live it mentally, experience and see and hear and smell and touch it all in your head, but you just sit in one place and live it there. You dwell on a certain character or a certain situation, all of it being interpreted by the way your brain perceives it – no matter how or what the author intended,it becomes your tale in the end.

And that is what I love about these thing called books. Simple, yet so elegant.

Well yes, now that I have reconfirmed my love for books, I shall go back to hope and trust my future self to continue blogging. I don’t want to miss it any more.

Thank you for reaching up till here!

And if you skipped and reached here, well, thank you for reading this sentence (?)