The Practice of Practicing

My inspiration, my passion, something that I always come back to – Art.

I love art the way I love chocolate.

No, not doing art, just observing it. Just observing from the minute details to the most obvious ones. The way you would take in a sunset and try to distinguish the smudging colors of yellow, red and orange. The way the round blood orange ball drowns into the vast sky, escorted by grey clouds. The rays, indescribably vivid, tying to touch everything in sight, spreading along the horizon, as if to grasp and hold on a bit longer.


Doesn’t that too, make sunset an art?

Observation plays a main role in art an being an artist. Moreover, it’s the practice¬† that plays a main role to be an artist. To be a real artist.

And I have learned that the hard way.

I am still in learning. And will always be a student to this “nature”. I hardly practice. And now, when I need some of that practice, I have none. Or little, to be honest.

Well, that being said, I wish whatever hopes and wishes anyone has, they are not let down by the laziness of not practising. It too, is an art in itself.