Writing 101 [16]: Mine your own material

- the day I felt the world closing in on me, I looked up in protest  and found a sky full of stars. - Twinkling silver specks, turned the dark sky bright, I looked up in awe and saw the stars shine - I knew it was no magic I knew it could not be fate for … Continue reading Writing 101 [16]: Mine your own material


Writing 101 [4]: A story in a single image.

A Fish that could Fly. Maybe if we look, deep down inside, we might end up finding, a fish that could fly? With strong wings to touch the sky, hidden from accusing eyes Solemn ways, tired of frays, choosing a swim; rather than the worth of flight? Maybe, if we look, deep down inside, we might end … Continue reading Writing 101 [4]: A story in a single image.

Making the words dance

In a distance, where the sky meets the earth, his beloved. The only shadow that dares divide them; the horizon. Stretches on forever. But, they meet not in secret When the light darkens and the dark lightens, For they are forever meant to be together, completing each other Making a full circle, As long lasting … Continue reading Making the words dance

When you’re gone…

When you're gone, I weep not. I pray not, I miss you not. When you're gone, the time stops. I take its hand, and make it move on with me. When you're gone, when you're gone, when you're gone.... Just another one of my fail, untimely poetry. What I wanted to post here was nothing … Continue reading When you’re gone…

A bit of found poetry- His Masterpiece.

Okay. This was supposed to be on landscape. A found poetry. But oh well. His Masterpiece (?) (I am really uncertain to put this title, but, I'll go with this for now). One of the assignments of Writing 201. I had been really under stress and was lost for the last 2 weeks and I … Continue reading A bit of found poetry- His Masterpiece.

The Dancing Puppet.

As she appeared, on the stage, she gave a bow in modest. Her hands were limp, her knees were bent, she almost looked ragged. She then began, with a smile on her face, to carry out her performance. (a smile which never left, we all felt it couldn't.) She danced in the pretty dress that she wore, and … Continue reading The Dancing Puppet.

Hero/Heroine – Ballad, anaphora and epistrophe

Have you ever looked in a mirror? Have you ever yourself seen? Have you ever believed? That you are all the hero that you need. If you make angels out of people If you make them a hero that you see How will you make yourself believe That you are the one that you need? They maybe smart They … Continue reading Hero/Heroine – Ballad, anaphora and epistrophe