Writing 101 [14]: Recreate a single day

  That day... I remember, I had woken up early, around 5 a.m. It was the exhibition day and my art work, "Little Sparkles",¬†an oil painting I had created, portraying children playing in a playground was to be exhibited. I was very excited, and was hoping that it would be selected as one of the … Continue reading Writing 101 [14]: Recreate a single day


Once at a Book Festival

I have nothing to share atm. So, here is a picture of a Book Festival at Sharjah Expo I visited last year. I wanted "The Bastard of Istanbul" but already having bought 2 books with a limited budget, (Hush Hush and The Alchemist), I stole this moment of a wish instead. Annnd, the other books … Continue reading Once at a Book Festival