Another orbit around the sun

Around this time last year, I was looking forward to Blogging 101, the blogging course for newbies like me (as well as the old bloggers; I had seen some bloggers taking up the course for the 2nd or 3rd time as well). If you see my first ever blog post, it will be dated January 5th … Continue reading Another orbit around the sun


Changes and life

The difference a mere 1 year could make, 4 years makes it even more different. Everything changes – not as if it never were before – but all those memories getting dragged along with us. What memories? A year old child turning 5 and running around the house. Elders getting old. Healthy, happy people, suddenly … Continue reading Changes and life

A 4th Thursday! + Quotespirational Thursdays

As you may have noticed, I have not been blogging much. Nor blogging in the sense where I go around in the Reader and like posts. Nothing at all! This is the 4th Thursday (at least as far as I have counted) that I have missed out on. I HAVE MISSED OUT ON SO MANY DAYS! … Continue reading A 4th Thursday! + Quotespirational Thursdays