Another orbit around the sun

Around this time last year, I was looking forward to Blogging 101, the blogging course for newbies like me (as well as the old bloggers; I had seen some bloggers taking up the course for the 2nd or 3rd time as well). If you see my first ever blog post, it will be dated January 5th 2015. My first ever post and my first ever course.

A year ago.

A year has passed and it feels just like yesterday, that I was all hyped up and excited, checking and re checking the course page. Reading comments and replies of fellow blogging collegues and waiting till the first assignment was posted so that I could get the push to start off blogging.

So much has happened. New things adopted, old responsibilities continued or left out. Letting go of those who moved on, by moving on myself, and embracing the company of the ones in the present.

Change is the punch in your face which is, and always will be the only thing that is constant in life. Its up to you how, and how well you take that punch.



Changes and life


The difference a mere 1 year could make, 4 years makes it even more different.

Everything changes – not as if it never were before – but all those memories getting dragged along with us.

What memories?

A year old child turning 5 and running around the house. Elders getting old. Healthy, happy people, suddenly not any more the next day. Marriage everywhere-resembling salt and pepper being showered on a fried egg.

Everyone gets busy in their lives. Everyone has their own issues, responsibilities, their own lives.

And us?

Well, we go through all this too. And at times, become their narrators.

Hope for the best. Forgive. Be kind and patience. Being gentle, in my opinion shows that you are an honourable person. Love (not just the romantic love *rolls eyes*). Talk. Have conversations, and try to get involved in them. Learn and gain so much knowledge that you can show the world that there is so much more that they can know. And learn from others as well. Pray, for yourself and others as well. You can never know how much more they need it than you do.

I am currently in my “home” town; well, the country that my passport is from. And A LOT behind from blogging.

A 4th Thursday! + Quotespirational Thursdays

As you may have noticed, I have not been blogging much. Nor blogging in the sense where I go around in the Reader and like posts. Nothing at all! This is the 4th Thursday (at least as far as I have counted) that I have missed out on. I HAVE MISSED OUT ON SO MANY DAYS! *freaks out ..calmly*

I can’t get back those days, neither can I make up to them as I don’t have the time to keep up with the “Now” or even the upcoming days. Becoming an adult sucks –> I got selected for a job last Monday. Not my ideal job but you see, it’s better than sitting at home and feeling like a lowly life that I already feel/felt I am/was (I like working- it’s my “thing” – As the saying goes “All play no work makes Jack a dull boy”) It’s not so bad, for now, but sitting in the training room from 8 a.m to 5 p.m – my legs feel like mannequin legs.

And then the last two weeks. When all my hope was lost. It was the same day as today. But it was never the same as it is now. But we must move on.

So, I have about 6 posts rotting in my drafts. I have lots of posts that I have yet to start. Blogging is so much fun! But the question is how I am going to carry on like this. Like a person for whom time has been reduced. Plus the fact that I am a lazy human, sighh. I mean I have even slept at 8 p.m! – I am that tired.. and lazy. True that my routine has changed, and so have many things within these 3-4 weeks, maybe I have too.

I shall leave you with today’s (belated) quote – (by Leonardo Da Vinci -I forgot to put that in the picture 😦 )

Quotespirational Thursdays