Writing 101 [7]: Let social media inspire you.

https://twitter.com/grantdraws/status/460764353961013248 I realize the value of being the "early bird gets the worm" guy. You get the best things when you are early. You get to do other stuff when you are done with your essential task. You have time till the deadline to complete the work with many different choices before you, and you can … Continue reading Writing 101 [7]: Let social media inspire you.


Quotespirational Thursdays

Happy Thursday and have an inspiring day! 😀

Incomplete Shenanigans (no.2) – Sherlock Holmes.

Here, I tried to sketch/draw Benedict Cumberbatch's version of Sherlock Holmes. It is one of my most Favorite serials (3 episodes per season and it has only 3 seasons! - the next season releases in 2016 -___- ).The only serial I have ever watched more than once.  What is so incomplete about this? Oh right. … Continue reading Incomplete Shenanigans (no.2) – Sherlock Holmes.

Oil pastels

I was supposed to post this the day before yesterday but I got caught up with life and some rejections and my siblings birthday. Yes, siblings. They are not twins, born with a 9 year difference, yet, on the same day (28th Jan). And we celebrated it yesterday, with a DELICIOUS cake, and pizza, pasta and … Continue reading Oil pastels

Incomplete Shenanigans (no. 1) – My Idea of Venice

My completely incomplete shenanigans. That is what I have thought to keep a page about. As I have mentioned before, I love art. I would draw out the world if I weren't too conscious of messing it up. And whatever projects I have started from my initial art years (there was not much initial-ity actually; … Continue reading Incomplete Shenanigans (no. 1) – My Idea of Venice