The fault in our technology

I find it rather disturbing when an computer “specialist” does not own their own PC. Ironically, as an I.T graduate, I am disturbed with myself – I don’t own the “dream” personal system that I’d like.

I do own a system. An old Samsung laptop which I consider as an ancient system in 2015. I got it when I was still in school in 2010 – about 4.5 years go! A 2 GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive, a 32 bit operating system, a worn out battery life (won’t run without the charger), a broken hinge and the keyboard missing the alphabetical “a” and the “up” arrow key – imagine my struggle. I am a cave woman.

Why I am suddenly talking about the laptop is because in this day and era, in this fast pacing world ruled by technology, I have rebooted this system to just blog (and read mangas and watch my series). Such a system would be considered obsolete by now (the minimum RAM nowadays is 4GB according to the technology shop brochures here). When did we all become so tech dependent?

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