Writing 101 [10]: Let the scene write itself

The Yearly Book Fair We all feel a sense of familiarity when we go back to a certain place/event we once visited - even if there is a┬áchange in the location, the theme, the timings and even if we get to see a difference in time and space and people. It feels as if we … Continue reading Writing 101 [10]: Let the scene write itself


My many incomplete love affair(s)

I have had so many things in life I have left incomplete that, if I one day sit to complete them all, I would need another lifetime. My art work, my needle work, my neopets account, my assassin's creed slots, Skyrim, learning to cook, my journal, tv shows, et cetera, et cetera. Of all those … Continue reading My many incomplete love affair(s)

Once at a Book Festival

I have nothing to share atm. So, here is a picture of a Book Festival at Sharjah Expo I visited last year. I wanted "The Bastard of Istanbul" but already having bought 2 books with a limited budget, (Hush Hush and The Alchemist), I stole this moment of a wish instead. Annnd, the other books … Continue reading Once at a Book Festival

Nothing makes sense

Have you ever noticed, when you read and re read a word more than 5 or 6 times, it looses its meaning? For that certain moment (and this is a cliche sentence) you question its existence -why do those the words exist? That, say, for example, "quote" -why q-u-o-t-e is written in that way? Where … Continue reading Nothing makes sense