Pic’n’Post – A Magical work of Art.

The Fiction:  Magical slippers. What everyone needs. You see, as a lazy person, I don't like walking much, or driving, or even using the public transport! I once went out in a bazaar, and an old lady (with many cats purring around her, as I remember) was selling some slippers. Every pair of slipper had … Continue reading Pic’n’Post – A Magical work of Art.


The Bookworm Club – Angelfall

Getting back to the bookworm club by Mariella from Jumbleskine On a book that really got me back to reading. It was last year when I read the most books I have ever read in one year. And it started with Angelfall. This is a fictional story about Penryn, a 17 (as much as I remember) … Continue reading The Bookworm Club – Angelfall

Pic’n’Post – Bubbles and Water Dragon

The Fiction:  While walking around the park one calm, sunny morning, I noticed these bubbles that had appeared out of nowhere. I turned around and saw a tiny dragon like creature, with watery scales and a watery flow, not more than two fingers long, blowing bubbles out of a pipe while resting his back on this … Continue reading Pic’n’Post – Bubbles and Water Dragon

Show Your World – Global Village

Show Your World is a blog event hosted by Tiny Expats. The place that I have chosen for this week is Global Village- an annual festival that takes place in Dubai, hosting many countries of the world. You might ask "Hosting the countries of the world?". Well, in a sense. You see, here at Global … Continue reading Show Your World – Global Village

The Bookworm Club – Deja Dead

My first book club! 😀 The thing is, book clubs aren't so popular here (or I just haven't happened upon them , so I was really glad (and excited) to have found one through this event (and yes! now I can freely share and talk about the books I like (or have just read) and … Continue reading The Bookworm Club – Deja Dead

Blog Event: Writer’s Quote Wednesday

"Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you." Just retyping the quote won't make me happy. I love this show because of the quick wit and wisdom of this character. He had said this to Jon Snow, who … Continue reading Blog Event: Writer’s Quote Wednesday