Pic’n’Post – A Magical work of Art.

chappal The Fiction:  Magical slippers. What everyone needs. You see, as a lazy person, I don’t like walking much, or driving, or even using the public transport! I once went out in a bazaar, and an old lady (with many cats purring around her, as I remember) was selling some slippers. Every pair of slipper had a different pattern. Some had water imprinted on them, others were painted with flame, pebbles, a boat even! What interested me in this particular pair of slippers was the Sakura tree print and the cycle parked underneath it. It felt like a scenery right out of a book. I immediately bought them, not knowing what more they held. Once at home, I tried them out. They had a rubbery feel. Then I walked to my kitchen to make a snack, when suddenly, I noticed my pace was a bit quicker than usual. Experimentinh more outof the slippers, I soon came to understand that these slippers made me “walk” faster. What I realized soon enough was the fact that these slippers were no ordinary slippers! The picture was not just for the visuals, but for the effect as well! I wonder what other slippers would be like ^_^

The Fact: These are actually just a pair of normal, everyday slippers (or flip-flops, if you must). I would have never bought them in my life (reasons? pink, floral print, and rubber slippers) – my mother got them for me. To be honest, I never noticed the bicycle pattern at first It was just a round wheel and some other pattern that I never bothered because of my prejudice (a bit like Elizabeth Bennet, eh?). Then, once I paired them – surrendered to fate actually, -(I can’t live without house shoes in my defense, and I really needed a pair since my feet felt like walking on bare ice- not that its bad, but like any other irony, I am a bit sensitive to cold) as in the picture above, my mind connected the pattern – it put two and two together, and, voila! A Bicycle! I was so happy, really, to see the cycle and under a tree and so neatly made! As if this image/scenery just came out of a book. I just ended up owning them ahahaha. As I have stated on my instagram account says, “These are not slippers, they are a work of Art.”

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On a side note:

This was to be posted a month ago according to my draft dashboard. Yes, thank you wordpress, to be so specific that it actually keeps every thing on track.

I apologize to Curtis, who hosts this amazing event, for not being able to post since my last entry (and that was my first one!) I hope I catch up this time – and for real! 🙂


The Bookworm Club – Angelfall

images (1)Getting back to the bookworm club by Mariella from Jumbleskine

On a book that really got me back to reading.

It was last year when I read the most books I have ever read in one year. And it started with Angelfall.

This is a fictional story about Penryn, a 17 (as much as I remember) year old girl living in an apocalyptic time. The bad guys? ANGELS. Yes, readers. The plot twist that made me love the idea of the whole story. You see, we are taught angels are peaceful creatures (?). They are bringers of messages or peace or calm. But in this book, they have revolutionized the word into a war instead. And they kill people. And kidnap kids to turn them into SPOILER*Nephilim through surgery*. But there is this one fallen angel, who is a good guy(?)


So it is about this teenager, living in such a time, trying to survive with her mentally ill mother and disabled sister. And the sister SPOILER*is kidnapped by the angels*  If I give more spoilers, Ill end up summarizing the whole book :S

The genre would be adult, horror, supernatural and fictional. The last book to this trilogy will be released by 12th May 2015. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! 😀

Pic’n’Post – Bubbles and Water Dragon


The Fiction: 

While walking around the park one calm, sunny morning, I noticed these bubbles that had appeared out of nowhere. I turned around and saw a tiny dragon like creature, with watery scales and a watery flow, not more than two fingers long, blowing bubbles out of a pipe while resting his back on this grey fence. I was shocked to see – not just the dragon but the whole site! I stumbled into my bag, took my phone out as fast as I could to snap a photo – just to see the dragon run off! I managed to take a picture of these bubbles – but who would now believe that it was a dragon blowing bubbles out of a pipe?

The Fact:

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Show Your World – Global Village

Show Your World is a blog event hosted by Tiny Expats. The place that I have chosen for this week is Global Village- an annual festival that takes place in Dubai, hosting many countries of the world.

You might ask “Hosting the countries of the world?”. Well, in a sense. You see, here at Global Village, an area, or in local terms, a pavilion is dedicated to a certain country. You can visit those pavilions and feel an essence of that country, as if you were visiting it! The culture, tradition and miscellaneous items of trade in the form of bazaars – it almost feels like you are actually visiting the place. These pavilions may even host music or dance performances that exhibit their traditions.

I feel connected to this place not because I have been visiting it since I can remember, but because I feel just that one step closer to my world travel dream. You can visit the essence of those countries, smell their air in and see it from the perspective as if you were actually there.

Some images from  previous visit:

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The Bookworm Club – Deja Dead

My first book club! 😀Dejadead
The thing is, book clubs aren’t so popular here (or I just haven’t happened upon them , so I was really glad (and excited) to have found one through this event (and yes! now I can freely share and talk about the books I like (or have just read) and get book recommendations from fellow readers 🙂 )

So, for my first post for #thebookwormclub hosted by Mariella from Jumbleskine, I present to you “DeJa Dead” by Kathy Reichs. I bought this book randomly off the table during one of my school events (as most of my books are bought this way or either, I have heard a good review). To be honest the color of the book was very tempting (blue 😀 ) and the name made my brain realize that it was a mystery genre. I love mystery books.

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Blog Event: Writer’s Quote Wednesday


“Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.”

Just retyping the quote won’t make me happy.

I love this show because of the quick wit and wisdom of this character.

He had said this to Jon Snow, who actually is an illegitimate child of a Lord (plot is set in the medieval times). What really gets me about this quote is the way he had said it to Jon; not only advising him but this also showed a dept as to how he had come to be what he is – as it can be seen through out the show . His out of the ordinary quotes will make you like him more than before (not necessarily a character development, but you get to see what he really is like).

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