The Practice of Practicing

My inspiration, my passion, something that I always come back to - Art. I love art the way I love chocolate. No, not doing art, just observing it. Just observing from the minute details to the most obvious ones. The way you would take in a sunset and try to distinguish the smudging colors of … Continue reading The Practice of Practicing


Incomplete Shenanigans (no.2) – Sherlock Holmes.

Here, I tried to sketch/draw Benedict Cumberbatch's version of Sherlock Holmes. It is one of my most Favorite serials (3 episodes per season and it has only 3 seasons! - the next season releases in 2016 -___- ).The only serial I have ever watched more than once.¬† What is so incomplete about this? Oh right. … Continue reading Incomplete Shenanigans (no.2) – Sherlock Holmes.

Oil pastels

I was supposed to post this the day before yesterday but I got caught up with life and some rejections and my siblings birthday. Yes, siblings. They are not twins, born with a 9 year difference, yet, on the same day (28th Jan). And we celebrated it yesterday, with a DELICIOUS¬†cake, and pizza, pasta and … Continue reading Oil pastels

Incomplete Shenanigans (no. 1) – My Idea of Venice

My completely incomplete shenanigans. That is what I have thought to keep a page about. As I have mentioned before, I love art. I would draw out the world if I weren't too conscious of messing it up. And whatever projects I have started from my initial art years (there was not much initial-ity actually; … Continue reading Incomplete Shenanigans (no. 1) – My Idea of Venice