The Bookworm Club – Angelfall

images (1)Getting back to the bookworm club by Mariella from Jumbleskine

On a book that really got me back to reading.

It was last year when I read the most books I have ever read in one year. And it started with Angelfall.

This is a fictional story about Penryn, a 17 (as much as I remember) year old girl living in an apocalyptic time. The bad guys? ANGELS. Yes, readers. The plot twist that made me love the idea of the whole story. You see, we are taught angels are peaceful creatures (?). They are bringers of messages or peace or calm. But in this book, they have revolutionized the word into a war instead. And they kill people. And kidnap kids to turn them into SPOILER*Nephilim through surgery*. But there is this one fallen angel, who is a good guy(?)


So it is about this teenager, living in such a time, trying to survive with her mentally ill mother and disabled sister. And the sister SPOILER*is kidnapped by the angels*  If I give more spoilers, Ill end up summarizing the whole book :S

The genre would be adult, horror, supernatural and fictional. The last book to this trilogy will be released by 12th May 2015. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! 😀


Quotespirational Thursdays


Book quotes are amazing. I will always be in awe when I come across meaningful quotes, whether they are related to a character or a situation. This just shows how brilliant the author is – how they are able to convey the feelings of a character and in turn, we feel it too.