Don’t be so Comfortable

Just recently, I read this quote and it has been bothering me. Nagging at me. Irritating me. This quote, in its simplest form is nothing but a reminder, but it is such a reminder that if you ponder on it, you will know the impact it would have on all things that currently don’t matter as much as you think they would.



Its oh-so nice to be read

When I started blogging, I didn’t know the basics of posting – how to post, let alone what to post. I was just trying to roam around the site and I gave up. Then one day, I logged back in and got lost in the site again, ending upon a link to “Blogging 101”. That’s when the era of my blogging started, so did the birth of the greatest blog on earth (nope, just kidding – I have a LONNG way to go ^_^ )

I thought it would be just me posting online, and me reading myself online – basically I would be talking to myself here again. But there were actual people here, who actually read my words and acknowledged my existence (this happens in reality, I am aware, but I didn’t expect this to happen online, when I am an invisible human behind the screen and the keys on my keyboard).

And then one day, I received a notification from PerfectYouthCreation from pinterest. (I hope I am excused for the way I tagged them – I have yet to learn to navigate Pinterest – I do not know the tagged peron’s real name 😦 ) (On another note, I am on Pinterest, but as I do not know the way to access it, I never mentioned it in the blog).

So, they had not only read my words, but made a quote out of it! I mean, I was over joyed at reading it (in such a quote-y way) and never had I felt so happy that my thoughts actually reached out to people!

I just want to thank anyone and everyone reading this or reading my blog. I’ll let you know it is a great achievement for this Little Snowflake that I am 🙂