The Practice of Practicing

My inspiration, my passion, something that I always come back to - Art. I love art the way I love chocolate. No, not doing art, just observing it. Just observing from the minute details to the most obvious ones. The way you would take in a sunset and try to distinguish the smudging colors of … Continue reading The Practice of Practicing


Another orbit around the sun

Around this time last year, I was looking forward to Blogging 101, the blogging course for newbies like me (as well as the old bloggers; I had seen some bloggers taking up the course for the 2nd or 3rd time as well). If you see my first ever blog post, it will be dated January 5th … Continue reading Another orbit around the sun

Changes and life

The difference a mere 1 year could make, 4 years makes it even more different. Everything changes – not as if it never were before – but all those memories getting dragged along with us. What memories? A year old child turning 5 and running around the house. Elders getting old. Healthy, happy people, suddenly … Continue reading Changes and life

Writing 101 [20]: Wrap it up

To the end of an amazing course called Writing101... I would like to thank the WordPress team for such an opportunity, where, a lazy person like me was given a chance to see that she can do a lot more than she thinks. I really appreciate that through this course, I was able to explore … Continue reading Writing 101 [20]: Wrap it up

Writing 101 [19]: Feature a guest

You had me at these posts.... To be honest, she has more posts that you would drown in reading. An amazing writer, her posts always enlighten my thoughts. It was definitely an earlier post that I read, but this post would give a brief intro to Adrian and her blog This post by Cherrytato at inspired me … Continue reading Writing 101 [19]: Feature a guest

Writing 101 [18]: Compose a series of anecdotes

The prisoner with wings. The prisoner with wings stared out her cage, watching the other birds fly. The wings she saw on them, made her wonder if her's could flutter the same. The prisoner with wings stared out her cage, the food dish still untouched. For she yearned the taste of the crumbs she viewed outside; the crumbs … Continue reading Writing 101 [18]: Compose a series of anecdotes

Writing 101 [17]: A map as your muse

As a kid, the first map we learnt about in school was this the horse shaped land with different names for the part of it's body. As we learnt further, we realised that we were inhabitants currently walking on this horse.  It was just My "Living" town, #MyDubai, #MyHome. I am aware tags do not … Continue reading Writing 101 [17]: A map as your muse