Do You Wanna Build a Snowmaaan?

Maybe my title is a little bit too cliché. Especially after the movie “Frozen”.

But then again…Do you wanna build a snowmaann??

During my Hiatus, I came across a fine video on making a snowman – OUT OF A SOCK!

I do understand that, in this 7/70 billion crowd of humans, that is not such a worthwhile thing to make a snowman, and that too out of a sock.

But, in my case, the scenario is highly different, as, it is a SNOWman, and even I can make it here in this oven of a city! 😀

True we have SkiDubai and all that facility of an in door snow (and I have never stepped in that place because of reasons), but, its not the same. Its never the same as real nature if it is human-machine made – and that too, if it is human-machine made snow.

“Then pray tell annie, why the snowman out of a sock? Is it not human made?”

BECAUSE Sir, it is a SNOWMAN made out of a SOCK! It would last long and not melt, and must I mention its cuteness and the personal customization details? No to forget that I, a snow deprived human gets to make one too, and in summer?!

So here, the imaginary argument I had with me has been won by me – So enjoy Humans! most of you who are lucky to have witnessed and felt snow in your fine lives!

Now all I need to do is go for white sock shopping 😀


Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet.


Prompts… and SO many to choose from! I had been searching for one (I found the “Under the Snow Prompt” but I dropped the idea. It needs time, sunlight, water and air to grow). So I decided on “This is your song” – I had been meaning to share this marvelous song for a long time and, I guess it’s time.

This is a really amazing song from the TV Show Nashville (2012). It has the best catchy country songs I have ever heard. Each of the songs have a meaning behind the characters’ story or feelings (who are also very talented singers and actors) and just wow me.

This, honestly is not my song, but if push comes to shove, this becomes my song. I love Hayden Panettiere’s energy   for this song (known as Juliette Barnes in this show), the music, the meaning behind the song and the reason as well.

Her career was on the verge of downfall; the audience started to go against her, in fact, her fans turned against her because Continue reading

Inspiration and admiration.

You ask me if I got inspired by any other blogger? Haha. When did a blogger not inspire me, I’d ask. Any blog/post link I click on, any words, any passages I read, all that happens to me is inspiration, admiration- on the fact that so many people do so many things – its just wonderful. I learn more every time I click on a link and all I can say is they all have done nothing but increased my experience AND knowledge.
So yay, I am accomplishing my blog goals – and its all thanks to you guys!

So I shall continue with today’s assignment. The blogger that has inspired me and my comment on one of their post.

Hello Ms. Fffrail. I hope I don’t startle you, but your post and your writing really did make the gears in my brain work – which, is in a good sense by the way. As in, I really liked your review, and it became my inspiration and thus I write about it.

I am not sure if ill be able to do justice to your post, but, here I go.

Continue reading