Failing to fall apart

We have all been there. Dragged, tested, hurt, pushed down and left unappreciated despite all our efforts, hard and/or "smart" work. But here we all are. It will never be the first time, neither will it be the last, because we know it will not end there. Yet, we are still alive, moving on, failing to … Continue reading Failing to fall apart



I have changed a bit. Perhaps a lot. It's all for reasons I'll never understand because change is the most constant affair I have ever been with - the only one I've ever been with. Ha. Here's to changes and growing and becoming better than who, or what we were before - starting by revamping … Continue reading Revamp

Do your best.

I have been tried. Today. the Day before. And have been ever since I stepped out of ..well. Ever since I was born, if I take it all the way back then. But I don't think giving up is an option, even though success has become more of a northern star - a guidance rather … Continue reading Do your best.

Where did we go?

Loosing ourselves from time to time again, is just human nature. Or precisely, one of the instincts we have- to claim ourselves, to discover other things - or, the utmost truth, we get busy with real life and analogous people. I started work in the two years ago and I went AWOL (from blogging). I … Continue reading Where did we go?

This is how it works.

When you are on the verge of giving up, think why you started.  I have never been motivational or inspirational, but I do know that getting up your lazy bum does make the work happen. Whether you list it down and shoot it off one by one (by actually doing the thing), magic happens.Whether you unintentionally … Continue reading This is how it works.

Time for a change

It doesn't matter how much you calculate time, it just keeps on ticking by. No amount of "2 years, 5 months, 4 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes, 15 seconds" can literally just stay as "2 years, 5 months, 4 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes, 15 seconds". Its all gone in the next second, next minute, next … Continue reading Time for a change

The Practice of Practicing

My inspiration, my passion, something that I always come back to - Art. I love art the way I love chocolate. No, not doing art, just observing it. Just observing from the minute details to the most obvious ones. The way you would take in a sunset and try to distinguish the smudging colors of … Continue reading The Practice of Practicing