Do your best.

I have been tried. Today. the Day before. And have been ever since I stepped out of ..well. Ever since I was born, if I take it all the way back then. But I don't think giving up is an option, even though success has become more of a northern star - a guidance rather … Continue reading Do your best.


Don’t be so Comfortable

Just recently, I read this quote and it has been bothering me. Nagging at me. Irritating me. This quote, in its simplest form is nothing but a reminder, but it is such a reminder that if you ponder on it, you will know the impact it would have on all things that currently don't matter as much as … Continue reading Don’t be so Comfortable

Quotespirational Thursdays

Its all about our perspective 🙂 Image Courtesy: Google Images

Quotespirational Thursdays

And it's another Thursday of Quotes that I have missed! But nevertheless, Here is one for last week: Its this one quote that really inspires me. And the truth that it holds is much more intriguing and motivational. Once you set your mind and aim for your task that lies ahead, no matter how difficult, you would … Continue reading Quotespirational Thursdays

Quotespirational Thursdays

And that is how you get back on track; if you ever forget or falter in the middle of something that you wanted but start to question.

Quotespirational Thursdays

Source: 100 Motivational Quotes I miss reading, writing, blogging to you all, and to me. I miss the time when I started blogging, when I had SO many topics in my mind to blog about, so much time to actually blog. I miss reading all the blogs on the Reader. Reading is really a Luxury. No- … Continue reading Quotespirational Thursdays

Quotespirational Thursdays (belated)

-2- "Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out." --John Wooden Source: 100 Motivational Quotes