Oil pastels

I was supposed to post this the day before yesterday but I got caught up with life and some rejections and my siblings birthday. Yes, siblings. They are not twins, born with a 9 year difference, yet, on the same day (28th Jan). And we celebrated it yesterday, with a DELICIOUS cake, and pizza, pasta and … Continue reading Oil pastels


My new hobby

Or in plural - hobbies. You see, I came across a blog with an amazing idea to make a "Daily prompt" container (something similar to "the daily prompts" at wordpress here) with random prompt ideas that I would want to do everyday but I don't - because I think I need to do the other … Continue reading My new hobby

Ice, Water, Steam and Our Transitions

"Like Ice, we stand firm on our decisions and silhouette, yet, Like Water, we flow through changes, through time, and, Like Steam, we enter (hearts of) vessels without even touching them. Yet, we are much more than that." [Warning: This may make no sense, but to me, it does] We all have been ice, water and steam … Continue reading Ice, Water, Steam and Our Transitions

Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet.

Prompts... and SO many to choose from! I had been searching for one (I found the "Under the Snow Prompt" but I dropped the idea. It needs time, sunlight, water and air to grow). So I decided on "This is your song" - I had been meaning to share this marvelous song for a long time and, … Continue reading Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet.