Pic’n’Post – A Magical work of Art.

The Fiction:  Magical slippers. What everyone needs. You see, as a lazy person, I don't like walking much, or driving, or even using the public transport! I once went out in a bazaar, and an old lady (with many cats purring around her, as I remember) was selling some slippers. Every pair of slipper had … Continue reading Pic’n’Post – A Magical work of Art.


Pic’n’Post – Bubbles and Water Dragon

The Fiction:  While walking around the park one calm, sunny morning, I noticed these bubbles that had appeared out of nowhere. I turned around and saw a tiny dragon like creature, with watery scales and a watery flow, not more than two fingers long, blowing bubbles out of a pipe while resting his back on this … Continue reading Pic’n’Post – Bubbles and Water Dragon