Do your best.


I have been tried. Today. the Day before. And have been ever since I stepped out of ..well. Ever since I was born, if I take it all the way back then. But I don’t think giving up is an option, even though success has become more of a northern star – a guidance rather than something achievable.

What I perceive as success is the way one reaches to the top. And this is where we get caught -for, what we perceive as the top. No matter how many diplomas you hold, no matter what your performance is, how many connections you have, you are successful when you are content with your life. It’s that place out of the comfort zone where you are… comfortable. Hah. Sounds like drinking cold water in hell.

What I have learnt is, and have always learn’t in every situation actually is that, people will always be there to challenge you. They will make you challenge yourself. Brilliant strategy, isn’t it? They will come to you for help, to complain, perhaps praise you too, but once you turn your back, they turn their backs against you too. That’s when you realize how necessary it is to have knowledge, to be ourselves, to make the most of what we are instead of sulking or, getting revenge *sceptical glances*. The Tale of two wolves – It is what we learn,what we experience from the situation and apply into ourselves that will lead us towards positivity or, negativity. 

We must never forget that we are in control of what we will be. Not only what we want to be, but what we WILL BE/WILL BECOME. If we want success, we need to accept ourselves more.

Thus. I honestly don’t know what would really work, but I am sure that it is our sincerity towards what we do, the belief in ourselves that we will do great and overcome any challenge that comes in our way – be it through the task, or, other people. Being honest and earnest always go a long way, with ourselves and others. Which is why, we should never stop learning at any age, try out new things, travel to new places, be open to new ideas (especially cultures if I might be so inclined to specify) and never ever think we don’t deserve something that comes our way (or that we actually earn). Afterall, if we as any other human being don’t deserve it, then what makes us so sure that any other human being would deserve it then?

Success isn’t a straight road to more money, power, satisfaction ya-da, ya-da. Success, itself is a thorny, built with rocks and potholes of failures along the way, only to see if we give a damn enough to get ourselves together after stumbling upon them.

A Map to success:



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