Where did we go?


Sherlock BBC 

Loosing ourselves from time to time again, is just human nature. Or precisely, one of the instincts we have- to claim ourselves, to discover other things – or, the utmost truth, we get busy with real life and analogous people.

I started work in the two years ago and I went AWOL (from blogging). I started my masters course around 10 months after my job started and I graduate this November (yaay!)

It all sounds fun and games and a smooth road BUT HEAR ME OUT PEOPLE. IT IS A TOTAL ROLLER COASTER RIDE OF MAYHEM AND DISASTER (except the grades that still keep you afloat and the salary that cashes in the bank account – and of course, food)

To be honest, one cannot do it without help and support from family and friends, and as you go along the way, you do meet good people and you have friends at the end of the day. True, some part ways, but others stay – and/or promise to stay even after parting and make the journey worth it.

Some people, however, bring you down. Pull on the rope of your helium balloon and jerk you down. Threaten you and your job and you are left with memories of them that would never allow you to forgive them, no matter how clean they seem afterwards, because you never want to feel threatened or weak again. This kind of experience,I’ve learned, helps you grow and shows you a different perspective of the world that has always been kept behind a curtain from you as a child. People out there, there are many, as good as they are, but, there are also those- hyenas among them. Face them, believe in yourself, and be yourself, because that is the best you will ever be and the best you will ever shine which will help you become more stronger.

Well, I feel I have learned a lot in 2 years and also have gone a bit psychotic (my mom would agree). Between tears of digital ink and bloodshot eyes from studying and researching after work, and sacrificing manga, TV shows and games. But I guess it was worth it.

I still have my dissertation submission in October and surveys that need filling out. haha I still have work to do and I remember blogging out of the blue. This was supposed to be after October, but I guess I am becoming really impatient with the workload now.

Anyways, cheerio fellow bloggers. Ill head back to work and probably will be back after October, if I am alive ~

P.S GAME OF THRONES HAS BECOME MORE EPIC! Well, a bit too fan-fic now, really different from the GOT it used to be mumble mumble..



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