This is how it works.

When you are on the verge of giving up, think why you started. 

I have never been motivational or inspirational, but I do know that getting up your lazy bum does make the work happen.

Whether you list it down and shoot it off one by one (by actually doing the thing), magic happens.Whether you unintentionally get it done OR do it just to get it over with it – that is how it works.

Yes, I agree. The most honest, honorable and modest thing to do for that “work” would be to give it your all. Do it with your heart, give a 100% and follow the instructions step by step- but let me ask you. Where is the time?

Maybe I am not good at managing my time (?) – well clearly, I have been away for months. But I was utilising the time into other things. Now that is where I ask, “Where is the time to give a 100% to everything you do?”

This does sound vague and really ironic. But hey, life has actually, always, come with a “give me 101% deal with just the 15% of you.”

Example: A storyline based battle video game. Now, gamers must have noticed how they change a weapon just by clicking the other weapon and voila! Magically, the old weapon turns into a new one with the blink of an eye. (Thank you programming and coding)

Now assume a real life situation. You are in battle (the historical one). You want to change your weapon maybe because it’s rusty. Nope you can’t click it away. So you reach into your storage sack (assuming it is large enough to hold a body), fumble in it until you find a good sword or whatever, keep the old one back, look ahead to face your enemy, only to find you head cracked because you aren’t a game character who can lick it away! Well, bohoo. And guess what? You get only one life here


Well, unless of course, luck and faith and prayers and your own speed, agility and time management had been with you. These all make up, let’s say 85% (just saying; lets assume it as the con) of you. And the rest? Adding the rest, makes it up for the 100%, don’t it?

Well, as lazy I am, and tired of this continuous life I fail to do something about (I try, I fail: that is life), I have written this piece and am really open to criticism. Yes, help me. Help me think, wonder, get the right answer beyond my thinking (that is, if this post made any sense at all)






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