Changes and life


The difference a mere 1 year could make, 4 years makes it even more different.

Everything changes – not as if it never were before – but all those memories getting dragged along with us.

What memories?

A year old child turning 5 and running around the house. Elders getting old. Healthy, happy people, suddenly not any more the next day. Marriage everywhere-resembling salt and pepper being showered on a fried egg.

Everyone gets busy in their lives. Everyone has their own issues, responsibilities, their own lives.

And us?

Well, we go through all this too. And at times, become their narrators.

Hope for the best. Forgive. Be kind and patience. Being gentle, in my opinion shows that you are an honourable person. Love (not just the romantic love *rolls eyes*). Talk. Have conversations, and try to get involved in them. Learn and gain so much knowledge that you can show the world that there is so much more that they can know. And learn from others as well. Pray, for yourself and others as well. You can never know how much more they need it than you do.

I am currently in my “home” town; well, the country that my passport is from. And A LOT behind from blogging.


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