Writing 101 [20]: Wrap it up

To the end of an amazing course called Writing101…

I would like to thank the WordPress team for such an opportunity, where, a lazy person like me was given a chance to see that she can do a lot more than she thinks.

I really appreciate that through this course, I was able to explore new and different techniques and think beyond my limits.

What I did not like, was the fact that I myself was unable to cope up with the course because of my habit of procrastination and the time. Of course, time as always will remain a factor that makes me lazy.

For the future, I wish to keep up with writing. And writing more than I have written; in terms of content and context and techniques. At least 2 posts per week. In fact, I have a pre new year resolution to have at least 100 posts by 31st December (this post being the 89th post – yay! )

So to wrap it up, Good luck to all and hope you have the most happiest and blessed life ahead šŸ™‚




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