Writing 101 [19]: Feature a guest

You had me at these posts….


To be honest, she has more posts that you would drown in reading. An amazing writer, her posts always enlighten my thoughts. It was definitely an earlier post that I read, but this post would give a brief intro to Adrian and her blog

This post by Cherrytato at cherrytato.wordpress.com inspired me for my own post for Writing101 assignment 17. I was lost at that moment. I have not travelled as much and the places I want to travel to (and that I don’t google them – I should though). Anyhow,

If you are having a tough time tweaking your C.Vs or need any other professional help, visit this blog by the multi-talented Gail Kaufman at mentoringstudents.wordpress.com. This could be your mode to motivation or a step further to push you to be more active (it did help me)

There are SO MANY POSTS,  ideas, poems….SO MANY AMAZING ONES that I have had the fortune of reading, but, did not save the links of and I feel terrible that I do not remember their blog names.

If life allows, I will start to have a monthly or weekly “You had me at these posts…” post so as to show my enthusiasm and appreciation for them (and the fact that these often become an inspiration for my next posts)


6 thoughts on “Writing 101 [19]: Feature a guest

  1. Gail Kaufman says:

    Thanks, Annie. I’m so glad you found my blog motivating. The source of my motivation for my mentoring blog is each college student I have mentored. These young adults are smart and driven, and determined to understand how job applications become job offers, and what corporate life is really like.


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