Writing 101 [17]: A map as your muse


As a kid, the first map we learnt about in school was this the horse shaped land with different names for the part of it’s body. As we learnt further, we realised that we were inhabitants currently walking on this horse. 

It was just My “Living” town, #MyDubai, #MyHome.

I am aware tags do not work this way. Neither have I ever used this tag in any of my posts/uploads/etc.

Today I will. For, the city in this hash tag means to me more than a city on the map. It means Home.

I have never lived anywhere else – which is a very normal thing for others as well – nor have I believe I can find a place to live anywhere else.

I have been born, brought up, schooled, if the word exists – universitied – here and I have had all my life experiences in Dubai. (and hopefully many more to come)

I do want to travel, I want to experience different cultures, see different architectures, meet a diversity of people that I have never met. I want to wander the world like a lost person – but – also have a place to come back home to. And in all the lands that have been discovered on Earth, my home is this land.

I have never been sentimental about this because of the only reason that keeps us hanging in between. I do know I – and many others likewise – do not belong here, and have been mentally preparing to “go back” to our country of origin.

We are the strangest sets of originators that do not have an origin. If I ever have the fortune of travelling, to me, my country of origin is going to be none other than Dubai. But that all depends on fate.

If I ever read this in the future, I will remember the resent I had while writing this, thinking of the future itself. Paradoxes are fun, eh?


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