Writing 101 [16]: Mine your own material


the day I felt the world

closing in on me,

I looked up in protest 

and found a sky full of stars.

Twinkling silver specks,

turned the dark sky bright,

I looked up in awe

and saw the stars shine

I knew it was no magic

I knew it could not be fate

for when I looked up, I saw 

those stars were there for me.

While I sat under the dark sky,

twinkled by the starlight,

I looked up and felt the world

showering a smile down on me.

Hope glittered in light,

time stopped for a moment,

As I looked up and saw,

A sky full of stars.



The picture above is silver glitter on my side table and I did not actually get the inspiration for a poem from it. In fact, this title was mean’t for a story ..or something. But then, here it is, the random poetry that comes out…randomly.

Here is a list of ideas I have/had which are meant to be “blogged”. This picture has been manipulated to look neater, or else you would have been suffering reading my handwriting (which is, stereotypically, closer to a doctor’s handwriting)


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