Writing 101 [15]: Take a cue from your readers

Anchors images

When it comes to anchors, we would imagine either a news reporter, or an arrow shaped, heavy metallic equipment for a ship for mooring. This weight is used to station ships from sailing away or to be safe at a particular place.

Similarly, if you feel yourself being pulled down, you will notice that anchors exist in reality as well.

At times, they keep us safe at our harbours, from storms, from other harm that the vast “sea” may hold. But as the time passes, we realize that it is these anchors that are holding us down. We realize there’s this rust which starts to grow on us. We become inexperienced, we forget how to sail, we loose our contact with the air and just let the wind, as it passes by, tell us what has already gone by.

I have seen anchors, in real life. I have felt the weight of an anchor in real life. They differ according to different human experiences. Memories that hold us down. Or even in the form of humans; those who we love most.




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