Writing 101 [12]: Critique a piece of work

The Attack on Paris.

Firstly, I condemn any attacks anywhere on Earth, whether they are made  in the name of God, for selfishness, for wealth or for any other reason that goes against humanity.

But, I know I might sound biased, but when it comes to terrorism and injustice, but why does the the media cover news related to first world countries and the religion Islam is always to be blamed?

True, ISIS identifies itself as Muslims, but they do not follow the teachings of Islam.

And, oh yes. We have heard about Baghdad, Syria, Lebanon, Beirut, Pakistan, Palestine, blah blah blah here and there. But when the attack on Paris commenced, why did Facebook only create a “Support Paris” flag filter? Was is not aware about Lebanon the previous day? Or about Palestine some months ago?

I myself shared news (limited to Facebook “share”) about how 4 kids were slaughtered by a drone attack…and they were on a beach! What were they doing there? making atom bombs? These four kids younger than, I believe, 15? There had been news of many more attacks before that. I gave up sharing it as it made no difference. Of course, how can just sharing some news do on a platform with limited viewers?

Then, I heard just yesterday that there had been a counter attack by Paris on Raqqa, Syria – the main “Islamist”city. Sure, I understand the terrorists may be hiding out there, but what about the normal residents? I cannot find any news related to how many are injured, how many are dead, and of the purpose of this attack was served or not. Why was this not covered in the news like the way the attacks on Paris were?

I believe, this all is just fuel to the fire rising against the real Muslims. Yes. There is a difference between Muslims and Terrorists. You see, a Muslim maybe your neighbour with their women wearing hijab and praying 5 times a day, with manners of greeting and inviting for lunch/dinner/etc, and smiling as it is asked of a person to be acceptant of others (or maybe a “modern Muslim” as this is, of course, 2015).

But as far as my knowledge of terrorists go, they are people, who would in their own methods, the so called self proclaimed Muslims, force it upon others, and won’t be afraid to kill or die. They are extremists who actually harm other humans, no matter what religion country, culture they belong to. If they were really Muslims, why would they kill their own fellow followers of the same religion?

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The lives that were lost are a great tragedy, especially to “events” such as terrorism. No one deserves to die in such a horrendous way. Not the people in Paris, not the people in Palestine, in Syria, in any other country that is facing war or, the correct term, political hoaxes. I condemn any mindless war for the sake of selfishness. Because, who suffers after the dead are buried?

The Social Media. In all it’s glory, is a biased propaganda controlled by those who the banks and governments are indebted to. That’s of course, just my guess and anger speaking. But If we only blame ISIS, then who in the world is funding them?

If this has offended anyone, I would like to apologize. But unless the differences are cleared out, we cannot have peace. I am sure billions of others have done a better job than I have in trying to ask for an answer and many are still doing more, or, many others, through the most powerful methods of social media used, are out there spreading more hate.

I just want to go to sleep and wake up to another day knowing that everyone else also wakes up to another peaceful day.




3 thoughts on “Writing 101 [12]: Critique a piece of work

  1. littlesnowflake says:

    That is my point. Paris is a high profile attack, but why? What about the lives of other human beings? I do understand the economical background of Paris would be higher than third world countries, but if we all speak in the name of humanity, then why only Paris? Humans are in Syria as well..
    And Islam may not be seen as peaceful – I get that. The history and it, well, being carried on and repeated, but is it really necessary to blame the whole religion because of a certain people who did the extreme actions, which btw, are also not acceptable in this era by the actual followers themselves? Every religion has right and wrong method/action – depends from which angle the people view it.
    Ahh, ISIS/Talibans/Al-Qaeda/ 9/11 terrorists/other extremists are not Muslim. I can wear a Japanese kimono and call myself Japanese but that doesn’t make me Japanese (apologies for the example of a country – I am trying not to involve or name any other religion; that would be a bit wrong)
    Sorry if I offend in any way. I just hate that the world, even after becoming so advanced with billions of opportunities and benefits, is being lead into a living nightmare :/
    But thank you for your POV. As a Muslim, I will say I definitely don’t believe Islam is not peaceful, but what you said about the extremists and the news, does have a point.


  2. Fico says:

    I left a post about this as well, the day after the attacks were done. I agree with what you say about, how the Muslim community is being lumped together, with the extremists. I feel religion has this thing, were the extreme is usually what people look at more. I don’t think Islam is a religion of peace, but I also know that mostly everyone do not subscribe to the ISIS club. As for the Social Media awareness for Paris and the lack of acknowledgment for the rest of the attacks. I think Paris, is a very high profile attack, and one I have never seen being done in that scale. Sadly; the others, while still being terrible and equally reprehensible, they are more normal and with media, the normal stuff isn’t something that will resonate with viewers for a long time. I don’t think one should be covered more than the other, but they get people to sit longer when, you cover one profile attack more than a few smaller “unimportant” ones (this is from their point of view, I think). I don’t watch the news because it’s depressing, and often times, bias towards a certain way. I would watch if they just, give the news, and not sit their talking about nothing, just to fill airtime with more things to talk about.

    The Muslim community has 9/11 I think to thank for this, and this to me, hasn’t been something that has gone away. ISIS wants people to look at their own and spit at them, I think. And it’s sad. They are wasting their lives and making their own miserable, for nothing. To get something, that isn’t even real. But that is just me. I really liked your post. Keep it up 😉

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