Writing 101 [10]: Let the scene write itself

The Yearly Book Fair

We all feel a sense of familiarity when we go back to a certain place/event we once visited – even if there is a change in the location, the theme, the timings and even if we get to see a difference in time and space and people. It feels as if we have yet again visited one of our childhood places (“nostalgic place”, really, as one year ago we would still have been adults :S )

Visiting the Sharjah International Book Fair with my sisters and cousin made me feel so. This was my second time visiting, and, the excitement I did not have earlier (because of my laziness), overtook me in such a way upon reaching that I couldn’t help but visit each and every stall with enthusiasm brimming on my face. I was about to touch and smell every book, run my fingers through all that was available; but then, I noticed the public.

There were five Halls in the Expo Center, where the book fair took place. Four Halls were reserved for Arab visitors and one Hall just like last year, was dedicated to multi-cultural readers.

I couldn’t help but notice the books that I wanted last year, were not available this time. There were many new faces covers, yet there were many other books that I had seen last year, the ones I did not want, but, they made me feel nostalgic.

That was the only downside about the book fair – not getting the books on my book list, but still being able to try out new books.

The ones I bought:

  • Artemis Fowl (and the arctic incident).
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns.

As soon as I bought these two, I had more in my line of sight, building up in my mental book list:

  • To kill a Mocking Bird.
  • Yes Please! (Amy Poehlar).
  • The Kite Runner.
  • Learning Kanji
  • Artemis Fowl parts 1,2,3,4,5,7 (if 7 has been released)

Those that I wanted:

  • Throne of Glass (Sarah J. Mass) triology
  • The Bastard of Istanbul
  • LOTR Triology

One of the books, which was not a novel, caught my eye. It was a coloring book for stress. For Adults, of course. A stolen sample from Google can be seen here:

61P7fATMMZL._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_ download

How I wish I could have bought it then and there! But I just weighed my options/time=no time.

This is where I am reminded of this quote (which, by the way, I understood around this year..)

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.


8 thoughts on “Writing 101 [10]: Let the scene write itself

  1. blackcherriess says:

    To kill a Mocking Bird, The Kite Runner and Throne of Glass (Sarah J. Mass) trilogy are amazing(: I enjoy them lots and I hope you’ll get to read them soon!

    I actually got two colouring books recently but somehow they have been neglected for a while :S

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlesnowflake says:

      I hope so too! Their plots sound awesome!
      I wish I had bought the book then and there… I regret my impulsive decision on not buying it 😦


      • littlesnowflake says:

        I like the idea of an ebook. I wish I could adapt myself to read on it…I mean I can even pirate books and not wait or travel to buy one…but I just can’t seem to read on screen. I can read mangas quite easily, but novels are on a whole different level..and then the light ( I can adjust the brightness) still effects my vision 😦
        Maybe one day i’ll read books like that. It is very useful indeed.. 🙂
        Sorry for this long essay xD

        Liked by 1 person

      • blackcherriess says:

        Totally right about mangas and novels being on different levels. I started off with reading mangas on screens before novels too. The brightness is always hard to adjust :/

        Hopefully someday Ebooks will be easier to read for you ^^ they’re after all a lot cheaper too

        Liked by 1 person

      • littlesnowflake says:

        Haha yes the cheaper part is very tempting to be honest. And then the ability to have books by not carrying them. One day, hopefully, I will begin my e-book reader journey 🙂


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