Writing 101 [9]: Writing and not writing


What do I do when I am not writing and how do I come back to writing again?

I am not a professional writer (an author, if you must). I don’t plan to be the greatest author of all time either (for that, I’d need time, time, creativity, passion and sanity). I do, however, need/like to write. I do write, for the fact that if I have thought of a certain thing, and it had the courage to amuse me, I want to have that courage to amuse others.

Well, then what do I actually do when I don’t write?

That’s simple – I read and observe as much as I can. (besides other daily human tasks).

I read for ideas and observation aids in. To get to the point, to understand what I am going to talk about. Reading and observation helps a lot before I start writing. Whether its a book I started months ago, a manga in another tab or if it’s another blog from the Reader; I read and observe to write.

In a way, it is both procrastination, and getting to what I need to do. I have also noticed that if I have something in mind, I need to immediate jot it down before my self diagnosed short term memory loss kicks in.

I have witnessed people claim that they can’t work under pressure, or that they cannot write when they are asked (eg. during exams). But that is when my brain works. Not to the full potential. Not in a way that would get me an A*, but, in a way that would make me feel accomplished.

Just the way I have written this post.

My fingers start dancing on the keyboard and they do most of the work while my brain narrates.

Maybe the better way is to sit and think things through. To explore potential. To see our creativity light down upon us. To have many other ideas (but you’ll have to “select” the best one)… but I know I will run out of time.


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