Writing 101 [8]: Reinvent the letter format.


Dear Time,

Please stop. Just stop for a while.

But then, wouldn’t the “while” mean that you haven’t stopped at all?

You have come as an uninvited guest in my life. In everyone’s life. And then you turn that “life” into death? It is quite true, that you give so many moments, experiences, happiness, sadness – many a times all at once, but when you take that away, why can’t you let us go back to it?

They become memories, those things I have done when you are passing by. Things that, when I remember, I smile as if they were the happiest of all the things that have happened. Or they become nightmares, when you slowed down your walk to watch how I got out of the storm.

But I would still want to feel like a kid again. When I first started to play on the swings, I remember how it felt – it was as if I was flying, reaching out to touch the sky.

When I realized in school that I was not as accepted by “friends” as every other average kid was. How I wish I could go back to those moments to fix them all up. Erase all those tears and understand that there is more to life than just trying to fit in.

You know, I would really love to go back in time and be at least 8 again. When I believed my parents were a 100 years old and would live up to 1000 years. But now, as you took my hand and showed me reality, they are younger than 100, yet still seem older. How I wish you could just stop right here.

I have always wanted to make peace with you so when I meet you on the future, I would look back and smile for the fact that, you had been there for me as a friend. But dear Time, I find you a precious enemy. Everything that I do is done according to your mood. I feel that even if we view you as a perception of human mind, visualized in hours, minutes and seconds on a clock, you are still the most unapprehended existence. Maybe, you are the only existence in the end? But it is you, who is going to tell.

I won’t say I miss you, or would love to meet you, for every breath I take, you will always be there and I would still ask you to just stop.

I pray you’ll be kinder.

Yours Faithfully,

LS, Annie.


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