Writing 101 [7]: Let social media inspire you.

I realize the value of being the “early bird gets the worm” guy.

  • You get the best things when you are early.
  • You get to do other stuff when you are done with your essential task.
  • You have time till the deadline to complete the work with many different choices before you, and you can filter and polish everything beforehand.

That’s where you can explore different worlds where creativity flares and you have time to think of all the possibilities on earth.

On the contrary, I believe procrastination is just the best way to complete something. Realistically speaking.

The consequence of procrastination does effect the overall creativity, but, in the end, what you produce through the last minute procrastination (and in my opinion, where adrenaline rush goes directly to our brain to aid the loss of time) is the stipend of creativity you did not have before.

They either go hand in hand or sword in hand – depending on the circumstances. Procrastination does kill creativity, but replaces it with a different creative result in the end (as long as it it not at the last literal second!).


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