Writing 101 [6]: The space to write.

My writing space.20151110_201604

Never thought of this one. I don’t have a “place” as such where I write – I have always wanted to be comfortable and away from noise and eyes whenever I decide to write.

Whether the space being my bed, the sofa in the living room – just away from replying to others and away from thoughts that would cause distraction. My writing requires me to be an introvert.

Whether I use my journal, or I use the laptop for blogging (I really don’t write like an author, my writing is actually just blogging).

I read many blog post on this day’s assignment and realized how talented people are – they use an iPad to blog! I mean if you give me and iPad, I am going to end up on Temple Run.

All I need to write is just an idea. An idea that itches my brain and makes my hands move towards the laptop/journal. I also need the fear of being judged and the courage to overcome that fear and write it anyways (Disney much?)

As the assignment suggested, I have added a poll that would aid for Day 15 of Writing 101. I hope you guys participate in it. I have thought of these topics before, have wanted to write on them, but never had the motive to. Now you can decide for me 🙂


6 thoughts on “Writing 101 [6]: The space to write.

    • littlesnowflake says:

      I feel like I become an introvert ahaha. I can’t take in distractions – they can aid in creativity at times but I wont be able to write anymore then.
      Thank you for voting! I hope I bring justice to this topic then! 🙂

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  1. Alex Harris says:

    My “room” for writing out a blog is almost the opposite of your requirements. I need distractions that require me to actually work towards focusing. If I’m alone in a room working I tend to zone out sometimes with my mind being overcome by ideas and memories. The distractions can give ideas for future blogs too.

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    • littlesnowflake says:

      I zone out too! but not much as I see that I need to get back to the only task in front of me – writing.
      Distractions can be creative. But they can also be so interesting that I could leave writing and start getting ideas for them.
      Your method is very interesting indeed. I think I should try it one day. Who knows, maybe it’ll be better than my isolation method?


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