Writing 101 [3]: One-word inspiration.



I don’t know what the term secret means to others.

I don’t know the value of sharing a secret with a friend.

I don’t know if secrets should be kept secrets, or, if the value of a secret is so high that it should be announced to the world.


They are like the chocolates that you wouldn’t share with anyone, even with your best friend. Whether it depends on what kind of a chocolate you have or whether it depends on the worthiness of your friend, you would think twice on sharing that chocolate.

Secrets, to me, are as such.

They are unpredictable. They taste good. They make you feel important.

But they can be dark.

They can be a burden …. and sometimes, they can be lethal.

The higher the value, the more it’s price.


Image Courtesy: Google Images.

Assignment 2 will be done later as I have a “longer” idea for it 🙂


4 thoughts on “Writing 101 [3]: One-word inspiration.

  1. Gail Kaufman says:

    When someone asks me to keep their secret, I do. Then when the secret is revealed, people are surprised I knew and honored the request to keep it private. That always surprises me. If people believe I will keep their secrets, how could I betray that trust?

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