Writing 101 [1]: I Write Because…

Why do I write? Why do I really really write? Well, well, well…

I write because…

When I have thoughts and ideas whirling around my head (they are invisible scribbles actually), my hand itches to catch them and jot them down in a book. To give them an existence in the form of writing – the least yet respectable thing I could do for them.

I write because…

I have been inspired by books. Reading and reading has motivated me to write ( not stories (for now) but stuff and any stuff that makes me feel that it should be written down)

I write because…

I want to explore my capacity. I start off with one word and end with a paragraph that actually means something.
It’s magic, really.

I write because…

I get to discover a different world that has not been touched yet.

The truth is, I write because I don’t write much (when I really should). That’s because I feel that – fear that it might not be worthwhile, or would be discarded in a moment where I had taken eons thinking about writing that something.

There you go. “Why I write” in its simplest form. Now I hope I continue to write.



8 thoughts on “Writing 101 [1]: I Write Because…

  1. curtisbausse says:

    I think nearly all writers have that fear that it’s no good – but that’s something to embrace, because it pushes us to write better and better. Bottom line is, it’s a good feeling when you get that paragraph down. It’s better that it’s there than not there. And it can always be revised. Stick at it!

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  2. Gail Kaufman says:

    It is gratifying and always surprising to start out with one word and end up with a sentence, then a paragraph and then a page. I guess it’s like anything else we are compelled to do and at the same time are fearful of. We have to just do it until it takes on a life of its own. That’s when the magic begins.

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    • littlesnowflake says:

      True that! Not until we try, do we know where we stand 🙂
      I’ve read that “Everything you want is on the other side of Fear” and it just so relates a lot to writing

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