When images have more life in them

It’s been a long time since I last googled for the most random-est picture. But this time, in my mind, travel kept on ringing. Along with the words “beautiful”. And then came Japan. Because that is the first country I fell in love with.


Pink, blue, white – all those beautiful color contrasts that your brain can never identify but can always interpret. Then the background, the scenery, and the man-made architecture, and then the natural architecture, and the setting and then —
the whole picture.

And just imagine, for just one tiny minor half-a-second your existence in it.

I know I know, pro pics on google are usually Photoshopped, or have filters, or the lightening effect on them to make them prettier and more attractive.
But in that tiny minor half-a-second, you can feel plain serenity, miles away.

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Maybe I yearn a visit to Japan so much that I have made a post about this. Other than that, I do realize such posts are of not much significance – it’s not something motivational, just a literal “wishful thought.”

But hey! the pictures are cool enough too! 😀

Image Courtesy: Google Images (as always)


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