A Real-Neat Blog Award!

An award after a long time! ( huehuehue ) I am humbled to accept this award and would like to thank Izzy from Izzy-grabs-life¬†for nominating me for the Real Neat Blog award. (She had nominated me months ago. I saw this post in my draft and when I re-read the questions, My brain itched me … Continue reading A Real-Neat Blog Award!


Making the words dance

In a distance, where the sky meets the earth, his beloved. The only shadow that dares divide them; the horizon. Stretches on forever. But, they meet not in secret When the light darkens and the dark lightens, For they are forever meant to be together, completing each other Making a full circle, As long lasting … Continue reading Making the words dance

Once at a Book Festival

I have nothing to share atm. So, here is a picture of a Book Festival at Sharjah Expo I visited last year. I wanted "The Bastard of Istanbul" but already having bought 2 books with a limited budget, (Hush Hush and The Alchemist), I stole this moment of a wish instead. Annnd, the other books … Continue reading Once at a Book Festival

When images have more life in them

It's been a long time since I last googled for the most random-est picture. But this time, in my mind, travel kept on ringing. Along with the words "beautiful". And then came Japan. Because that is the first country¬†I fell in love with. Pink, blue, white - all those beautiful color contrasts that your brain … Continue reading When images have more life in them