When you’re gone…

When you’re gone,

I weep not.

I pray not, I miss you not.

When you’re gone,

the time stops.

I take its hand, and make it move on with me.

When you’re gone,

when you’re gone, when you’re gone….

Just another one of my fail, untimely poetry.

What I wanted to post here was nothing but another one of my depressing excuse of why I have not been active. But then I thought, handling real life and being active can definitely go on hand in hand, but not by a disorganised human like me. But then again, here I am – I can’t give up. I can’t seem to give up.

And what is it that I would be giving up in actuality?

I have a few posts, a little bit of “roots”of blogging here. A bit of my mind for 8-  no, 5 months approx. What I have here is my thoughts that I would a billion times think before sharing on facebook. What I have here is appreciation, advice – everything I seek in humans when offline.

Rantings and rantings and I’ll never stop.

But I like that. Rantings. Discussion. Ideas. Brain Storming. Thinking out of the box. Everything about everything.

I tried crocheting a few days ago. The most basic and beginners “braid” stitch I’d call it. I tried to make a round mat. But as I started to sew it, It turned into a bowl! Yes readers, a bowl. I didn’t give up – yet. But I gues this counts as learning (never stitch a crochet tightly – you’ll get a bowl instead of a flat mat)

Au Revoir until next time!


P.S – If it were you, anyone who’s reading this, what story would you come up with a title “An Innocent Criminal”?


2 thoughts on “When you’re gone…

  1. curtisbausse says:

    That’s a nice poem – could make a good song! And an intriguing story title – I might use it as a prompt! I’m always interested in the way people rationalise their acts so as not to feel guilty even when they’ve done something they know is wrong, so I’d probably work on that idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlesnowflake says:

      Poems into songs…I would have to work hard on that! 😀
      Oh yay I would love to read it 😀
      I really want to know how others perceive these two words together.

      Liked by 1 person

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