On Truth.


– that is what I googled. And it replied “the quality or state of being true.

And my opinion is: Truth is the utmost reality. It is the very foundation of existence and the possibility of a certain ‘thing’ or ‘situation’ to exist.

Whether it is related to studies, a mystery, finding an answer to an unsolvable question, The reason behind any certain “point” or “situation” or “answer” we seek is actually the “Truth”. I find Truth the most under rated phenomenon; the finding of truth and it’s value. What really amazes me is the value of this ‘truth’.

You see, I consider “Truth” as being a treasure. As I have observed and realized how one must go through what number of challenges or obstacles to reach to a certain point in order to understand what is actually going on in life. And to reach nothing but what? The Truth. And I have also observed it is so not so easily found.

In reality, any kind of truth we seek, we must face many different aspects to reach to it. Normally it would be right there in front of us; in different scenarios, we are required to find it. And who says that it would be sitting there with a label saying “I am the pure truth you seek, human”? In fact, we must especially be cautious of such “Truth”. You may never know how this “Truth” could have been be filtered through time and lies of the envious, the greedy, the selfish or the corrupt that do not want the actual matter to be known. That is why I find the Truth a most valuable phenomenon.

It’s a beauty that can never be bought (you may pay but the value of it is more than money), it can only be found and it is that has happened and cannot be changed.

Interested readers can follow up on this article I found on google – on the same result page as the definition of “WHAT IS TRUTH” http://www.gotquestions.org/what-is-truth.html

I’ll be honest – I did not read all of it, just some bullet points and the beginning of the article. It seems an interesting read, and I shall read when I have time.

DISCLAIMER – What you find in the blog post is my opinion. It has nothing to do with any real life situation –  rather it only has a connection to it’s title. I have written it only because the “Value of Truth” had been bothering me for a long time and I wanted to share it here. Hope It was a good read! 🙂


One thought on “On Truth.

  1. curtisbausse says:

    Wow, that’s an ambitious question! One that philosophers have always grappled with. But as long as we see that it “could have been be filtered through time and lies of the envious, the greedy, the selfish or the corrupt”, then we’re a little bit closer to it. Thanks for the thought-provoking topic!


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