Quotespirational Thursdays

And it’s another Thursday of Quotes that I have missed! But nevertheless, Here is one for last week:


Its this one quote that really inspires me. And the truth that it holds is much more intriguing and motivational.

Once you set your mind and aim for your task that lies ahead, no matter how difficult, you would have gone nothing more but at least one step forward from where you were. Your determination will lead you and your direction will only be success.
And, you will realize it was success all along that you even moved forward. It was your learning and the knowledge you gained through your difficulties that helped you grow.


Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan kareem vector wallpaper Arabic Islamic calligraphy To one and all, Ramadan Kareem! I am many days late to wish it.. but, here we go!

The month of fasting, the month of forgiveness and blessings. It is one of the months of the Islamic calendar that is said to host the revelation of the Holy Quran*. Ramadan is not just about staying hungry or thirsty all day for a month for dawn till sunset – that is just one of the visuals of self-discipline.

Ramadan is about keeping our egos hungry. And how does one do that?

Like one of my friends had reminded me – it is fasting, not only of the stomach, but of the eyes, and ears, and the tongue, and the heart. And to achieve it, one must simply try to by stay away from wrong doing. Wrong doing that is very common among humans which includes anger, lying, back biting, hurting others, disrespecting elders, and so on. This is what Muslims (and other people that I have heard who fast) around the world do their best to observe while fasting, and Ramadan is just this one month that comes around every year as a reminder as to what a good natured human must be throughout a year than rather just for a month.

Anyone who fasts around the world, would fast from dawn till sunset. The person would keep their fast by eating a meal (Suhur*) which includes different items according to each country (for example, we eat paratha* and some curry along with vermicelli dessert, finishing off with tea and water). We carry on with out daily routine minus the food and water, and minus the harmful situations that might entertain our egoistic nature.

Then comes the time for breaking the fast. It is called “Ïftari”* commenced by the evening prayers (Maghrib)*. This is when we break our fasts by eating dates and drinking water and then the other food items. The main being dates which are said to restore all the sugar that the body needed for the day.

And to think! After fasting, such a food item exists, that would actually restore all the sugar requirement of the body! SubhanAllah*!

It is also said that “the gates of hell are closed and the devils are chained.” 

A question then arises: “Then why do people still sin? “. And I have just one answer for this:

images It becomes a habit. Our bad deeds. If the main source of evil is locked up, and we still continue to sin, then it is time to keep a check on ourselves and our behaviour. Not eating or drinking helps to remind us to keep a check on ourself. To feel the hunger and thirst of humans that are less fortunate than us. To know how blessed we actually are.

Fasting is a form of detox for the body and the soul. And it should be carried on not just for one month, but for months to come.

*The Vocab:

Holy Quran:   the divine revelation of Allah (swt) to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Suhoor: the meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting, sawm, in daylight hours during the Islamic month of Ramadan.

Paratha: a flat, thick piece of unleavened bread fried on a griddle.

Iftari: the meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan.

Maghrib: evening prayers

SubhanAllah: Glory (be) to God

Do You Wanna Build a Snowmaaan?

Maybe my title is a little bit too cliché. Especially after the movie “Frozen”.

But then again…Do you wanna build a snowmaann??

During my Hiatus, I came across a fine video on making a snowman – OUT OF A SOCK!

I do understand that, in this 7/70 billion crowd of humans, that is not such a worthwhile thing to make a snowman, and that too out of a sock.

But, in my case, the scenario is highly different, as, it is a SNOWman, and even I can make it here in this oven of a city! 😀

True we have SkiDubai and all that facility of an in door snow (and I have never stepped in that place because of reasons), but, its not the same. Its never the same as real nature if it is human-machine made – and that too, if it is human-machine made snow.

“Then pray tell annie, why the snowman out of a sock? Is it not human made?”

BECAUSE Sir, it is a SNOWMAN made out of a SOCK! It would last long and not melt, and must I mention its cuteness and the personal customization details? No to forget that I, a snow deprived human gets to make one too, and in summer?!

So here, the imaginary argument I had with me has been won by me – So enjoy Humans! most of you who are lucky to have witnessed and felt snow in your fine lives!

Now all I need to do is go for white sock shopping 😀

Quotespirational Thursdays


And that is how you get back on track; if you ever forget or falter in the middle of something that you wanted but start to question.

Hard work

Powerful and inspiring

Cristian Mihai

My job is creative in nature, which means that I need to be imaginative enough to create something. I need to be inspired. And it does seem that there are a lot more requirements to any creative endeavor, but the truth is that until I worked hard to finish my stuff, to keep this blog alive, to write each and every day, regardless of what was going on in my personal life, I didn’t enjoy any kind of success.

That’s the thing. There’s no substitute for hard work. Passion, talent, luck, are all contributing factors, but the courage and discipline to persevere in spite of failure, regardless of one’s mood or feelings, that is the most important (and often neglected) aspect of success.

You have to create a huge volume of work, because that’s the only way you get better at it. You have to want it bad enough that you’d…

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Pic’n’Post – A Magical work of Art.

chappal The Fiction:  Magical slippers. What everyone needs. You see, as a lazy person, I don’t like walking much, or driving, or even using the public transport! I once went out in a bazaar, and an old lady (with many cats purring around her, as I remember) was selling some slippers. Every pair of slipper had a different pattern. Some had water imprinted on them, others were painted with flame, pebbles, a boat even! What interested me in this particular pair of slippers was the Sakura tree print and the cycle parked underneath it. It felt like a scenery right out of a book. I immediately bought them, not knowing what more they held. Once at home, I tried them out. They had a rubbery feel. Then I walked to my kitchen to make a snack, when suddenly, I noticed my pace was a bit quicker than usual. Experimentinh more outof the slippers, I soon came to understand that these slippers made me “walk” faster. What I realized soon enough was the fact that these slippers were no ordinary slippers! The picture was not just for the visuals, but for the effect as well! I wonder what other slippers would be like ^_^

The Fact: These are actually just a pair of normal, everyday slippers (or flip-flops, if you must). I would have never bought them in my life (reasons? pink, floral print, and rubber slippers) – my mother got them for me. To be honest, I never noticed the bicycle pattern at first It was just a round wheel and some other pattern that I never bothered because of my prejudice (a bit like Elizabeth Bennet, eh?). Then, once I paired them – surrendered to fate actually, -(I can’t live without house shoes in my defense, and I really needed a pair since my feet felt like walking on bare ice- not that its bad, but like any other irony, I am a bit sensitive to cold) as in the picture above, my mind connected the pattern – it put two and two together, and, voila! A Bicycle! I was so happy, really, to see the cycle and under a tree and so neatly made! As if this image/scenery just came out of a book. I just ended up owning them ahahaha. As I have stated on my instagram account says, “These are not slippers, they are a work of Art.”

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On a side note:

This was to be posted a month ago according to my draft dashboard. Yes, thank you wordpress, to be so specific that it actually keeps every thing on track.

I apologize to Curtis, who hosts this amazing event, for not being able to post since my last entry (and that was my first one!) I hope I catch up this time – and for real! 🙂

Not long gone…

images (1)

Annnnd! Here’s to summer!

Hello friends!

Here I am, after a month….!


and here, I have been sitting for at least 5 minutes trying to think of something exceptional to say. And well. I have nothing but my normal rantings of how I missed blogging – literally.

I would sit in the bus imagining up stories, thinking of the events I promised to keep up with during my Blogging 101 time, my “Quotespirational Thursdays” that became “Quotespirational No-Days”, coming up with good sentences to write about random things that always happen to me. But as soon as I came home, I would be dead on my bed – hey that rhymed! – and some days I would sleep without dinner and even prayers.

I mean – me, sleep without dinner! I normally have something or the other to eat for “dinner”, as food is my first love and a blessing that comes without asking.

To be very honest, the work load is quite average, the timings for my job aren’t bad at all. I have never stretched the work hours and like any other office, we have a 1 hour break. But I believe I am being very lazy, and taking it up on my head and comparing it with my school and college life. (Omg grow up annie..! )
Anyways. I believe I am here yet again because of reading.Yes – my reading days have started again! I have ordered some books which I have been stalking since last year on Souq.com. And I bought them on a brim – my brain for hungry for a good story and words.

The gears in my brain are working normal again I guess .

The way these “books” and words keep one alive without them having to physically live the whole story is amazing. True, you live it mentally, experience and see and hear and smell and touch it all in your head, but you just sit in one place and live it there. You dwell on a certain character or a certain situation, all of it being interpreted by the way your brain perceives it – no matter how or what the author intended,it becomes your tale in the end.

And that is what I love about these thing called books. Simple, yet so elegant.

Well yes, now that I have reconfirmed my love for books, I shall go back to hope and trust my future self to continue blogging. I don’t want to miss it any more.

Thank you for reaching up till here!

And if you skipped and reached here, well, thank you for reading this sentence (?)