Quotespirational Thursdays

And it's another Thursday of Quotes that I have missed! But nevertheless, Here is one for last week: Its this one quote that really inspires me. And the truth that it holds is much more intriguing and motivational. Once you set your mind and aim for your task that lies ahead, no matter how difficult, you would … Continue reading Quotespirational Thursdays


Ramadan Kareem!

To one and all, Ramadan Kareem! I am many days late to wish it.. but, here we go! The month of fasting, the month of forgiveness and blessings. It is one of the months of the Islamic calendar that is said to host the revelation of the Holy Quran*. Ramadan is not just about staying hungry … Continue reading Ramadan Kareem!

Do You Wanna Build a Snowmaaan?

Maybe my title is a little bit too cliché. Especially after the movie "Frozen". But then again...Do you wanna build a snowmaann?? During my Hiatus, I came across a fine video on making a snowman - OUT OF A SOCK! I do understand that, in this 7/70 billion crowd of humans, that is not such … Continue reading Do You Wanna Build a Snowmaaan?

Quotespirational Thursdays

And that is how you get back on track; if you ever forget or falter in the middle of something that you wanted but start to question.

Hard work

Powerful and inspiring

Cristian Mihai

My job is creative in nature, which means that I need to be imaginative enough to create something. I need to be inspired. And it does seem that there are a lot more requirements to any creative endeavor, but the truth is that until I worked hard to finish my stuff, to keep this blog alive, to write each and every day, regardless of what was going on in my personal life, I didn’t enjoy any kind of success.

That’s the thing. There’s no substitute for hard work. Passion, talent, luck, are all contributing factors, but the courage and discipline to persevere in spite of failure, regardless of one’s mood or feelings, that is the most important (and often neglected) aspect of success.

You have to create a huge volume of work, because that’s the only way you get better at it. You have to want it bad enough that you’d…

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Pic’n’Post – A Magical work of Art.

The Fiction:  Magical slippers. What everyone needs. You see, as a lazy person, I don't like walking much, or driving, or even using the public transport! I once went out in a bazaar, and an old lady (with many cats purring around her, as I remember) was selling some slippers. Every pair of slipper had … Continue reading Pic’n’Post – A Magical work of Art.

Not long gone…

Hello friends! Here I am, after a month....! ........ and here, I have been sitting for at least 5 minutes trying to think of something exceptional to say. And well. I have nothing but my normal rantings of how I missed blogging - literally. I would sit in the bus imagining up stories, thinking of the … Continue reading Not long gone…