Quotespirational Thursdays


Source: 100 Motivational Quotes

I miss reading, writing, blogging to you all, and to me. I miss the time when I started blogging, when I had SO many topics in my mind to blog about, so much time to actually blog.

I miss reading all the blogs on the Reader.

Reading is really a Luxury. No-  it is more of a blessing, really.

I fear I am forgetting how to read, write and blog. In fact, for reading, it’s not that I have no time to read, but I don’t have the convenience, the will to enthusiastically read anymore. I have not read a single book since the start of this year. I feel like a blessing has been snatched away from me. I don’t feel like reading anymore. I hope I don’t feel this way about blogging. Today, right now, after such a long time, I feel like I am back, if not, home.

I hope I make it possible to have my old interests and my new (and Boring) schedule parallel with each other. Maybe, that’s how I’ll find peace again?


14 thoughts on “Quotespirational Thursdays

  1. Gail Kaufman says:

    I’m trying to catch up as well. I get cranky when I’ve been away from my blog for too long. Then when I return, even if the only writing I do is commenting on other blogs, I find myself smiling again.

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    • littlesnowflake says:

      That is the best way to stay in touch with the blog , really. It is better than being away from the blogging zone. I did it for a month and I know how much it hurts, really, to have a place you type out your heart and you dont use it for a long time :/
      I hope we just dont give up and give our best ;D


  2. Good Woman says:

    I am glad to see you posting. I expect you will get back into reading at some point. Sometimes what is going on in the rest of life influences other facets. I expect that everything will get synchronized for you and that is my wish for you.

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    • littlesnowflake says:

      Thank you Helen! 🙂
      And to tell you, I am back to reading! and I feel much happier now than I did before ahaha 😀
      Things can really influence- that is so true.

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  3. adeleinglasses says:

    Aw I’m sorry to read that you have been feeling that way and I can relate, I love my blog (and reading other blogs), I just wish that I had more time for it. Just never give up, you have wonderful words to share and this is your space to do so!

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    • littlesnowflake says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I really like blogging and it is more than just sharing of words – its meeting people and and reading other worlds – just so much more than a daily routine 😀
      I wish too, to have more time for it. And more content to share tbh 😀

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