Quotespirational Thursdays

Its not that finding quotes is a laborious part, but it’s finding a good quote that actually makes this (laborious) part worthwhile. Since I have mostly been googling around quotes (of course, as my own quotes are not as authentic and reliable as the one’s I have posted), I have luckily tumbled upon a great site with motivational quotes – and there are a 100 of them! I shall be posting (stealing them if thy must say – but referencing them really) them here on my blog as I have noticed that reading such quotes really do inspire me.

Motivation #1:


Source: 100 Motivational Quotes


8 thoughts on “Quotespirational Thursdays

  1. Gail Kaufman says:

    Inspirational quotes can be so enlightening, making a strong impact with just a few words. I’m looking forward to your Thursday quotes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlesnowflake says:

      It’s really inspiration, and the fact that this inspiration is read by you all – and that is what is inspiring. 😀
      Thank you for your kind words as well, my fellow blogger! They always uplift me 😀 😀


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