Quotespirational Thursdays

Girls Of Riyadh


To my friends who have not read this book, I advise you to read it. Not only that it is as interesting as watching ice melt and transform into a liquid form, but the reality that this book shows is far more original than what you may have heard or thought of.

Almost every page of this book is quotable. Alas, I do not have time to quote the whole book, so I have tagged a teaser quote to spark an interest and curiosity in you all. You will not be disappointed.


4 thoughts on “Quotespirational Thursdays

    • littlesnowflake says:

      It really is!
      It is a must read. This book is called “Girls of Riyadh”. It is about 4 friends from Saudi Arabia, living in the world of cultural discrimination and domination (from other aspects like religion and the society). Its about their lives as friends, being women, and of the restrictions that they must face despite their own beliefs and wishes.
      It’s really thought provoking every now and then and shows the real and true face of what actually goes around in the KSA. Especially for women.
      Do read it if you can. It might leave you with more curiosity 😀

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