Its oh-so nice to be read

When I started blogging, I didn’t know the basics of posting – how to post, let alone what to post. I was just trying to roam around the site and I gave up. Then one day, I logged back in and got lost in the site again, ending upon a link to “Blogging 101”. That’s when the era of my blogging started, so did the birth of the greatest blog on earth (nope, just kidding – I have a LONNG way to go ^_^ )

I thought it would be just me posting online, and me reading myself online – basically I would be talking to myself here again. But there were actual people here, who actually read my words and acknowledged my existence (this happens in reality, I am aware, but I didn’t expect this to happen online, when I am an invisible human behind the screen and the keys on my keyboard).

And then one day, I received a notification from PerfectYouthCreation from pinterest. (I hope I am excused for the way I tagged them – I have yet to learn to navigate Pinterest – I do not know the tagged peron’s real name 😦 ) (On another note, I am on Pinterest, but as I do not know the way to access it, I never mentioned it in the blog).

So, they had not only read my words, but made a quote out of it! I mean, I was over joyed at reading it (in such a quote-y way) and never had I felt so happy that my thoughts actually reached out to people!

I just want to thank anyone and everyone reading this or reading my blog. I’ll let you know it is a great achievement for this Little Snowflake that I am 🙂



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