Cute Blog Award


A Cute Blog Award! Kawaiii :3

I would like to thank Tinyexpats for this awesome nomination! An amazing mother who in my opinion is giving the best of life for her two tiny expats.

I was nominated for this award 2 months ago (I mean wow! this has been sitting in the drafts since then and I feel I should apologize to this post 😦 )

The rules are:
– thank the person that nominated you
– answer the questions
– tell the readers something new about yourself
– nominate your favourite blogs

1. What is your go to brand of makeup?

“Maybe its Maybellineee” – but tbh, its any good makeup I find depending on the color, the usage and of course, the packaging 😉

2. What is your favorite fashion trend?

It ranges from casuals till ballgown and dresses. And pajamas.

3. What is your favorite desert?

Cookies and creme Krushers from KFC. JUST HEAVEN. and chocolate B|

4. What is your favorite colour?

Ah. I think its transparency. I don’t have a favorite color, but preferences depending on my mood.

5. What is your middle name?

I don’t have one – although my nickname is Annie 🙂

6. The Last song you listened to?

Tokyo Ghoul Opening theme song from season 1. I love the craziness it has – see for yourselves! 😀

7. Dogs or Cats?

CATS. Only because I have owned one. I guess I’d like dogs too if I had ever owned them.

Tell your readers something you have not told them before?

I started liking vanilla (as a smell) after I read Eleanor and Park. And no matter how weird the novel really was, I am in love with it.

Nominees : 

Hargun Wahi



Bittersweet Sensations

Iridescent Spirits



Small town fashion blogger



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