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I was tagged by the really cool and awesome blogger FearlesslyNat for this fun book tag! I love books and this nomination allowed me to recall my book reading history – how it all started and how it really did have an impact on my life (in a brilliant way, of course)


Baby: Did you like to read when you were little?

Books were interesting. They were especially interesting to watch -when adults read page after page with words running from the top of the page to the bottom. I was interested, but I guess I didn’t read. I restricted myself to my school books, which were “mean’t” only for kids.

Toddler: What was your favorite picture book?

I loved reading books by Enid Blyton’s short stories. Those were easy to read because they had pictures in it!

Child: Did you go through/are in a book ‘phase’? (Like reading the thickest books, reading all of an author’s books etc.)

The book phase was Sweet Valley High/University. It was about twin sisters after all! Twins were the “hype” back in 2004. (Elizabeth and Jessica, Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen) I wanted a twin sister.

Besides these books were the Guinness book of World Records. Of any year that I could find. I practically enjoyed reading those and it helped me find more about the world (guess that also sparked an interest in me about the world and differet cultures).

Tween: What books made/make you feel grown up?

Reading Dan Brown. I was not allowed to read them because of the usage of “extreme” words (no they weren’t- just the usual words that I now hear everyday ahaha) Well, they did need one to use their brains, but the history and the references are such an amazing part that you just can’t leave the book until you get the answer. (Although I have noticed a repetitive pattern in all of Dan’s books; the plot line almost the same in all the books – but the history is what livens the book.)

Teen: What are/where books that you rave/d about?

Well, Bleach and Skip Beat. They aren’t books, they are mangas. They are picture books but they are (were) really interesting to read. I sadly don’t follow them anymore as they have gone astray from their story line ;_;

Adult: What are books that used to seem boring to you but now you really like?

Girls of Riyadh. The Alchemist. I was never an avid reader, but I heard other people reading such books and I just sat and wondered how they could concentrate on it. Don’t get me wrong, I did read,but I was reluctant I guess to start “grown up” and well reputed books :S

Elderly: What book from your childhood and/or teen years that you still cherish?

Alice in wonderland. In fact, I just borrowed it from my office library. It is a picture book! 😀

There you go! My book history! I wasn’t a good reader until I really decided upon a convenient escape route in my home – and what better place could there be to escape other than on your own bed but in a completely different world.


I am not sure if I have to nominate fellow bloggers, but to readers that want to participate, I nominate you! 😀


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