Quotespirational Thursdays


For today, Ill go with this quote.

Forgiveness is a must; for the forgiv-ee, and more importantly, the forgiver; it gives you a peace of mind. It makes you not carry a burden of that annoyance that you went through and remember it every now and then, even when you do’t want to.

Thus, it is a great thing to forgive, but not to forget.

“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”, or as whatever the quote goes.

As for mistakes, in my opinion, they are the best. They don’t only show you the side of your in-capabilities, but they also show you a side that you would never try to go through. Mistakes give you an experience that you would most certainly want to avoid (in order to make use of the basic human reasons involving the loss of time and effort, etc.).

They don’t only teach you the correct way and guide you on the right track, but they also make you see more than your task. You grow, learn and (maybe) pass on that knowledge (you’ll know the right way, the right way)

P.S I wish I could blog for my job ahaha. This is better than a mindless life .__.


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